Sofa Selection Variables: Room Fit, Complementary Furniture

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In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the simple factors to consider while selecting a sofa for your living room. Sofas are not just a major seating element of such rooms, but also central components that help define the room’s entire aesthetic and feel, so choosing the right one is important.

At Guild Hall Home Furnishings & Accessories, we provide clients with a huge selection of sofas and sectionals for all their living room needs, plus numerous other home furniture pieces and accessories. What are some of the other top themes we recommend to our clients when it comes to our selection of sofas? here’s a primer.

Room Fit

As we noted above, a sofa isn’t just a seating element — it also plays a major role in defining how the room fits together, and you need to ensure the “fit” is right in both these areas. This involves measuring the space you have available, and making use of complementary colors and pieces to ensure the resulting aesthetic is cohesive.

Too large a sofa in a living room will not only eat up a lot of space, but also cause the room to look cramped. In many cases, this can be remedied by simply opting for a smaller sofa or sectional. On the flip side, a sofa that’s too tiny for the room will make the space seem vacant, which is hardly ideal either.

Selecting Complementary Furniture

Choosing a complementary piece of furniture for your living room can be an excellent way to tie everything together. We at Guild Hall offer a fantastic selection of accent tables for this purpose, with different designs available in several unique colors and finishes that allow you to create a look that works for you.

When selecting your furniture, think beyond just colors to include size and shape as well. A sofa that’s the same width or length as your coffee table can create a lovely sense of continuity in terms of size, though contrasting styles are fine too — so long as they work together.

Inspection for Quality

Both during your sofa browsing and once you’ve made a purchase, it’s vital to inspect important areas like the frame, cushions, supports and upholstery to ensure the item is strong, durable and safe.

The frame is particularly important when it comes to determining the level of quality in a sofa, since it’s what will determine its durability in everyday use. If you notice any signs of breakage or damage in this area, you should immediately put the sofa back down and arrange for a return — it’s not worth your safety or the long-term quality of the item to use a sofa with a broken frame.

For more on how to select the ideal sofa for your living room, or to learn about any of our home furniture products or interior design services, speak to the staff at Guild Hall Home Furnishings & Accessories today.