Wholesale High-End Furniture in northern Utah

If you are a business in search of good deals on wholesale high-end furniture in northern Utah, contact or visit Guild Hall of Salt Lake City. We have been providing outstanding luxury furniture and interior design services to area clients for decades. 

Wholesale Luxury Furniture

Furniture is our business, and at Guild Hall, we prize well-made pieces. Real wood, opulent fabrics, superior craftsmanship — this is what we search for when we build our inventory. Over the years, we have made our name by providing interior design services to homeowners throughout the greater Salt Lake City area, and we also work with businesses to provide wholesale luxury furniture. 

Whether you own a hotel chain, gallery, office building or your own boutique, purchasing wholesale high-end furniture from Guild Hall makes it easy to decorate your space lavishly. Guests of expensive hotels expect rooms to be furnished ornately, and with our wholesale furniture, you can get quality pieces for less. If you rent out rooms in your home through Airbnb, you can charge more when you furnish your space with luxury pieces. The same is true for office space. Whether you rent by the month, week, day or hour, a commanding leather executive’s chair behind a beautiful mahogany desk transforms an ordinary office into a top-level C-suite. 

Our wholesale high-end furniture is popular among retailers as well. At the right time, you can get a great deal on a quantity of well-made pieces you can store and sell in your boutique or shop.  

What Makes Our Furniture High-End?

Our buyers have many years of experience in the furniture sales arena, and this allows us a unique ability to assess the quality of each piece of furniture we purchase. Important considerations include the type and condition of the wood, style of joint used, finish, intricacy of carving and, if applicable, fabric or embellishment type and style. 

In furniture making, there are many ways to join corners, including mortise and tenon, dovetail and biscuit. We know some of these methods to be stronger and longer-lasting than others, and these are the type of factors that go into selecting luxury furniture pieces for sale.  

What makes a piece of furniture better is the materials used, but also the quality of the workmanship. High-end furniture is more durable and looks better, for many years. 

Wholesale High-End Furniture from Guild Hall

If you’re interested in partnering with Guild Hall to purchase high-end wholesale furniture, contact us to learn more about our offerings and the timing surrounding sales of our pieces. As furniture dealers and retailers, we have relationships with many furniture makers all over the world, and many factors are at play when acquiring wholesale high-end furniture. We may obtain a number of pieces due to another sale falling through, transportation problems, the liquidation of the company or dozens of other factors.  

Talk to the professional furniture dealers at Guild Hall today to find out more about purchasing luxury furniture wholesale. 

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