Draperies & Window Coverings

Draperies define the look and feel of a room, acting as a compliment or focal point to your home décor

The right window coverings personify your style and highlight the architecture of your living spaces. Adding drapes – whether you hang flat, pleated, tab-top or swagged drapery panels – adds softness and fluidity to a room’s hard edges.

And, in terms of practicality, draperies offer privacy and light control.

Today, window coverings options are practically endless, and can quickly become overwhelming. A professional interior designer can help you select the perfect draperies, based on your personal style preferences.

Fabrics for Your Salt Lake City Home’s Draperies

The mood of the room is an important consideration when choosing draperies.

Tightly-woven silk, satin and jacquard fabrics or velvets bring a refined feel to formal dining rooms and living rooms. These luxurious materials also make ideal draperies for elegant bedrooms.

For an open and airy look, sheer draperies are a good choice. Chiffon, lace, organza, and other soft, see-through fabrics bring in more light. Kitchens, laundry rooms and other casual spaces are well-suited to these types of window coverings.

Cotton, cotton blends and wool fabrics work well in just about any room, as these drapery materials are quite versatile. In many cases, interior designers choose these draperies because they have a neat, crisp feel.

Drapery & Window Covering Colors

Color plays a big role in choosing any home furnishings. Draperies are available in just about every shade under the sun. To choose the right colors, interior designers consider how the window coverings should fit with the home décor.

In rooms with strong focal points, draperies that blend in with the surroundings are often preferred. Colors that are similar or just a few shades off from the walls won’t distract the eye. Selecting one of the room’s accent colors can provide the same effect.

Boldly-colored window coverings add more of a wow factor to a space. For rooms that lack visual interest, colorful draperies can be the perfect choice.

Drapery Prints and Patterns for Utah Homes

Draperies come in an incredible range of beautiful prints and patterns. When making your selections, think about the room as a whole.

As a general rule of thumb, interior designers use no more than four different prints in a room. Too many patterns can make a room feel overwhelming and frantic.

If you have a patterned couch, elaborate bedding or an ornate area rug, a subtle print – think tiny polka dots, understated paisley or delicate stripes — can add a hint of style without overwhelming the space. From afar, the draperies will simply appear textured.

If, on the other hand, most of your home furnishings are solid in color, you can get away with a larger, more graphic print for your draperies.

The professional interior design staff at Guild Hall Home Furnishings, Northern Utah’s premier provider of fine furnishings and decorative accessories, can help you transform your home décor visions into reality. For help in choosing the perfect draperies, visit our Salt Lake City showroom today.

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