Game Room Furniture & Bar Furniture

Adding a game room and bar to your home creates the ideal space for spending quality time with family and friends in a playful, comfortable atmosphere.

Whether you plan to dedicate space in your basement, great room or den for your home game room, selecting the right home furnishings, decorative accessories and lighting is the key to creating the ideal environment.

Game Tables and Decorative Accessories

Is billiards your game of choice? Or maybe you prefer playing cards or board games. Whatever your favorite leisure pursuits may be, your game table(s) will be the focal point of the space.

You can choose game tables that are designed for a single purpose, such as a poker or ping pong table. Or, if you like to switch things up now and then, you can select an all-purpose table that can be converted or adapted depending on your plans for the evening.

Selecting a theme for your space is important, as it helps guide your furniture and décor selections. If the “Mad Men” era suits you, choose sleek, modern furnishings with mid-century style accessories. Leather and dark wood furnishings can set the backdrop for a hunting lodge theme. Or, if sports are your passion, choose your tables and accessories in your favorite team’s colors.

Game Room Furniture & Seating Options

Your game room and bar won’t be very popular if you don’t have plenty of comfortable seating.

Set your space up in zones dedicated to specific activities. For the bar area, you’ll want sturdy bar stools sized to fit the bar. You’ll need chairs for your game table, of course, but don’t forget about creating a comfortable space for watching the game or debating the relative merits of the Star Wars films.

If your space will include transitional or outdoor areas, don’t forget to add coordinating patio tables and chairs. If your indoor space is on the small side, you might even want to move the bar outdoors.

Lighting for Your Salt Lake City, Utah Game Room and Bar

One you have selected your game tables, bar and bar stools, and plenty of comfortable seating for everyone, it’s time to get serious about atmosphere. A wash of plain, overhead light simply won’t do for your game room and bar.

Start by adding pendant lighting for your game tables and over the bar. Add atmosphere with sconces and table or floor lamps that match your theme. Add colored rope or LED lights above the back bar, along the baseboard or crown molding, or in recesses in the ceiling.

If you plan to use your space as a media room, for watching movies or gaming, don’t forget about window coverings. Blackout shades and custom shutters are ideal for this purpose, to banish the harsh light of day and enhance the visual experience.

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