Pillows and Throws as Part of Interior Design

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pillows throws interior design

There are a few items that are most commonly used as both accent and comfort pieces, and two good related examples here are pillows and throws. Often considered some of the final details added to a given room, whether they’re on a sofa, a bed or in some other area, pillows and throws provide you with the comfort and feel of a finished room while also adding to aesthetics.

At Guild Hall Home Furnishings & Accessories, we’re happy to offer not only a huge range of major furniture pieces, but also numerous pieces of accent furniture, ranging from larger items like accent tables or chairs to many smaller options. We’ve helped numerous clients arrange pillows, throws and related design elements to achieve the perfect look and feel for any room. Here’s a brief primer on what both these items are, plus how to select and arrange them for optimal effect.

Pillows Vs. Throw Pillows

Those new to the interior design world might not know the difference between pillows and throw pillows. Standard pillows tend to be square or rectangular, although some people do use round options. The primary difference is that throw pillows are much smaller and can be used on their own, without an additional standard pillow.

Throw pillows are often placed directly against a piece of furniture such as a couch or chair, while regular (or “standard”) pillows tend to be placed against a wall, on top of a bed or multiple standard pillows.

Complement or Contrast?

When selecting pillows and throws for any part of the home, one of your first big questions is whether you want them to complement or contrast the existing design scheme. If you’re looking for a modern look, choose pillows and throws that are in the same color scheme as the room’s dominant items, while opting for more contrasting choices if you want to add some life into an older or traditional space.

Comfortable, Not Crowded

While these kinds of accents are fun and enjoyable to add, it’s important not to go too overboard when selecting them. If you want to add in three or four throw pillows on a bed, for instance, that’s fine, but don’t go any further than that without considering whether your room is going to become too crowded and busy for its own good.

You should also be careful about the size of the items you’re adding as well as the colors and styles you choose to surround yourself with. Think about whether your room or space can handle so many different patterned pillows, for instance, or whether the color of a throw blanket might be too much compared to the rest of the room’s existing decor.

Remember that texture is also a major part of any comfort-style accent piece, whether it’s a throw pillow or something else. Always choose items that are soft to the touch, without being too bulky.

For more on choosing pillows and throws for any part of your interior design, or to learn about any of our home furniture options from the bedroom to the dining room, speak to the pros at Guild Hall Home Furnishings & Accessories today.