Home Décor Tips: Interior Designer Guide to Picking a Color Scheme

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For an interior designer, choosing a home décor color scheme is all in a day’s work. For homeowners and business owners, however, choosing colors can feel like a daunting task.

Home Décor Tips: Interior Designer Guide to Picking a Color Scheme

Interior colors set the mood of the space and should reflect your personality. That’s why 

color selection is one of the first and most essential steps when designing a home or business interior.

Fortunately, selecting home décor colors doesn’t have to a challenge when you have help from the professional interior designer team at Guild Hall Home Furnishings.

Start with the Color Wheel

A color wheel can help you identify combinations of colors that coordinate well. The hues on the wheel are arranged according to their relationships and classified as either primary, secondary or tertiary.

  • Primary colors – Red, blue and yellow are the only primary colors. These hues cannot be created by mixing other shades.
  • Secondary colors – Mixing two primary shades makes a secondary color. Orange, green and purple are considered secondary.
  • Tertiary colors – Tertiary colors are those made by combining a secondary color and a neighboring primary color. 

Decide on a Color Scheme Approach

Now that you understand the basic idea behind the color wheel, you can use it to choose your home décor colors. Consider these four interior designer approaches to color scheme selection:

  • Monochromatic colors – A monochromatic scheme uses several shades of a single hue throughout the space.
  • Complementary colors – A scheme using two opposing shades on the wheel, such as yellow and purple, is known as complementary.
  • Triad colors – Using the triad interior designer approach involves choosing three shades that form a triangle in the center of the color wheel.
  • Analogous colors – The analogous scheme uses two or more shades that sit next to each other on the wheel.

Look for Ideas and Inspiration

If you still can’t decide on a home décor color scheme, try looking elsewhere for inspiration.

Interior designer blogs and websites like Pinterest and Houzz have loads of photos. Browse away and you might find ideas that would work for your living spaces. Home décor magazines are another good resource for ideas, and you can also peruse the online galleries provided by the major paint retailers and home improvement stores.

You can also find color scheme ideas for your Utah home by visiting Guild Hall Home Furnishings. Our showroom offers a vast selection of unique, high-quality furniture and decorative accessories, any of which could serve as inspiration for your home décor.

And, if you’d like an expert opinion, the Guild Hall Home Furnishings interior designer team can weigh in on your choice of colors and help guide you toward a color scheme that is a perfect match for your personality and style. 

For advice from an experienced interior designer, or to browse our home décor showroom, visit Guild Hall Home Furnishings in Salt Lake City today. 

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