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The right lighting is essential to great interior design and home décor. Lights can make or break a room, because they influence how every furnishing and accessory looks.

With a seemingly endless range of lamps, chandeliers and other lighting options, choosing the perfect lights isn’t easy. But, with a little planning – and some help from the design professionals at Guild Hall Home Furnishings — you can find the perfect lighting solution for every room in your home or office.

Living Room Lighting Fixtures for Salt Lake City, Utah Homes

For the living room, a layered approach with multiple light sources makes the space both interesting and functional.

Consider a combination of floor lamps and table lamps, with some aimed downward and others casting an upward glow. An overhead fixture, valance lighting or recessed lights on dimmer switches are ideal for providing ambience.

Finally, consider adding accent lights to bring focus to an interesting architectural element, home décor, or piece of artwork.

Dining Room Lighting Treatments

The dining table is the focal point in this space, so the brightest lighting in the room should be directed at this spot. Hanging a chandelier or pendant above the table is a classic solution. However, you can also multiple pendants to create a fresh, modern feel in this space.

As for the rest of the dining room, indirect lighting can create a subtle, flattering glow for your home décor. Matching wall sconces above a sideboard, a pair of small table lamps atop a hutch or a lighted glass-front china cabinet can create a point of secondary interest and focus.

Kitchen Lighting

In the kitchen, overhead lighting is central to the space’s design. Ceiling-mounted fixtures or recessed lights help brighten the popular gathering spot and make it feel more inviting.

Task lighting can boost the functionality of a kitchen. Under-cabinet lights make food preparation and cleanup much easier, while creating visual interest.

Bedroom Lighting Treatment

Creating a warm, comfortable atmosphere is the goal of bedroom design.

A pair of reading lamps on the side tables or wall sconces above the bed keep the room illuminated, but intimate. For more of a glow, place a small lamp on the dresser. Overhead fixtures on dimmer switches can also be used to make the bedroom feel more relaxing. Proper lighting in the bedroom can add a variety of emotional elements to your home décor. 

Bathroom Lighting Fixture

Given the emphasis on personal grooming in the space, a bathroom needs plenty of light – you don’t want any shadowy corners.

Most bathrooms feature a central overhead fixture, which can provide an appropriate amount of brightness. To further light up the space and eliminate shadows, add wall sconces on both sides of the mirror or a single light strip above.

In the master bath, adding an interesting ceiling fixture over the bathtub or shower brings style and functionality to the space.

The professional interior design team at Guild Hall Home Furnishings, Northern Utah’s favorite source for fine furnishings and designer decorative accessories, can help with all of your home décor needs. Visit our Salt Lake City showroom today for expert assistance in choosing the right lighting for your home.

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