Dining Room Furniture

At Guild Hall Home Furnishings, we’re bringing the dining room back in style. 

Imagine the classic Norman Rockwell dinner scene, with generations of family members gathered around the dining room table. These images recall the happiest of times, before families took their meals on the couch or standing at the breakfast bar. 

The best way to bring your group back together for the rich experience of the family meal is to set the stage, with the perfect dining room furniture, lighting and accessories. 

Today’s Flexible Formal Dining Room Furniture 

Do you have a formal dining space that you rarely use? If so, take a long look at your furnishings. Today’s busy families have unique needs, and those may not mesh well with a classic suite of furniture. The right fine furnishings or dining room table will create a flexible, usable space where you and your family will love spending time. 

If you prefer the traditional configuration of a dining table, chairs and hutch or sideboard, those sets are readily available in a variety of sizes and styles. Today, however, most interior designers prefer the open, contemporary feel created by sticking with only a dining room table and seating. This way, you can select a larger table with more chairs and still have plenty of room to move. 

You can select from round table styles, oval, square, rectangular or freeform, based on your design preference. You can choose chairs, stools or even benches for flexible options – or a combination of seating styles. 

The only rule of today’s interior design is to choose the furniture you like and that you will use most every day. 

Dining Room Furniture for Every Space in Salt Lake City, Utah

Even if your home doesn’t have a formal dining room, you can still create the perfect space for feeding family and friends. 

In the expanse of a great room, you have much more flexibility than you might normally have in formal dining space. The great room layout also lets you choose a dining table that multitasks as a game table and workspace. 

If your home features an eat-in kitchen, you can select from a variety of creative dining room tables that can tuck into a corner or that can be converted to a smaller footprint when you don’t need the full space. 

Dining Room Furniture and Accessories to Fit Your Lifestyle

In addition to a wide selection of dining room tables and furnishings, Guild Hall Home Furnishings is proud to offer unique lighting and designer accessories to complete your space. 

Whether you prefer a traditional chandelier-style light or a one-of-a-kind statement fixture, our professional interior design staff can ensure that your selection complements your personal style as well as your furniture. 

Guild Hall Home Furnishings, located in Salt Lake City, Utah, serves discerning clients throughout Northern Utah. Contact us today to learn more about our services or visit our showroom and speak with one of our designers. As Utah’s premier source of fine furnishings and accessories, we look forward to helping you with all of your dining room furniture needs.

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