Fun Decorative Accessories for Your Student’s Dorm Room

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Dorm rooms can be cold and utilitarian, but decorative accessories are a great way to give your on-campus student a little piece of “home away from home.”

You may not have much space to work with, but a few well-chosen pieces can take your son or daughter’s dorm from bland and boring to fresh and welcoming. This personal touch can even help your young scholar make the transition to living away from home easier.

Choose Decorative Accessories That Add Warmth and Comfort

That well-worn dorm carpeting or linoleum tile? Cover it and add some much-needed warmth to the room with an area rug.

Consider a high- or medium-pile rug to make the room feel cozier. And, if you choose an unobtrusive pattern – such as a subtly-shaded geometric, floral or abstract design – an area rug may help to make the small space look and feel larger.

Your burgeoning scholar will be spending a lot of time on the bed, reading, studying and chatting with friends. Pile a few throw pillows and an ultra-plush blanket on the bed – or in the seating area, if there is one — to increase the feeling of warmth and comfort in your child’s dorm surroundings.

To add visual interest to the room, and to ensure maximum comfort, chose pillows with different sizes, textures and patterns. Bold, bright colors – primary or neon – will create an energized and fun vibe in the room.

Transform a Dorm Room with Custom Window Coverings and Wall Art

Your son or daughter probably has a window or two in the dorm, but that doesn’t mean they have to settle for the same boring shades or blinds that come with the room.

With custom window coverings, you can choose the colors and design to enhance the look of the room and add life to the drab white walls. You can select fabrics to coordinate with the accessories you’ve chosen and based upon the amount of light your young student wants in the room.

Now, select creative wall art to help balance out the bold statement of the custom window coverings. Choose artwork that complements the colors used in your other decorative accessories to give the room a cohesive design.

Although you may be tempted, avoid overly serious motivational posters or sayings. Likewise, skip the unicorns and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, even if they’re still your child’s favorite. Instead, choose fun graphics, abstract ethnic patterns, maps or vintage travel posters.

Personalize Decorative Accessories for a Truly Unique Touch

Little things can make a big difference to the overall style of any room. Decorative accessories are a great way to inject your child’s personality into their dorm space.

Table-top space is probably limited, so consider wall-mounted lighting – many interesting styles are available in a variety of colors. Add a door-mounted mirror to reflect the light and visually increase the size of the room. And, in a few strategic spots, place their favorite candles, ceramic pieces or collectibles.

Most dorm rooms don’t have much floor space for additional furniture. So, consider investing in storage seating cubes and shelves on casters. Moveable accessories like these add both style and function to any dorm room.

Finally, bring a touch or two from home. If your child has a favorite decorative piece, bring it along when you add your decorator touches. It will bring your student a smile and memory of home when they need it most.

The professional design staff at Guild Hall Fine Furniture understands the challenges of interior design for small spaces. Dorm rooms present some challenges but they can easily be overcome with the right selections. Visit our expansive Salt Lake City showroom today for inspiration and advice. Our professional interior design staff can help you create the perfect environment for your young student, with custom window coverings, rugs, textiles and fun decorative accessories.