Use Custom Window Coverings to Create a Designer Look

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Custom Window Coverings

Adding custom window coverings to your home provides that professional interior design look and feel, at a fraction of the cost of hiring a decorator.

Whatever your décor style, interior taste or budget, you can select from an almost limitless array of choices. From blinds and shades to draperies and shutters, custom window coverings offer something for every DIY interior designer.

Custom Window Coverings Can Be Casual, Formal or In-Between

Many customers tell us they always imagined custom window treatments meant heavy, formal floor-to-ceiling draperies. Although that may once have been true, today it simply means having the window treatments of your choice custom fabricated to fit each window in your home (or office).

Formal styles do indeed include heavy draperies in luxe fabrics, with sheer liners, tie-backs, valances or cornices. Casual window coverings can also involve drapery panels but usually with a visible curtain rod. Many customers chose to use roman or pleated shades for privacy and light-blocking purposes, using the drapery panels as more of an accent than a practical application.

Custom Window Shutters Are Versatile and Practical

From plantation shutters to folding or retractable designs, custom window shutters are a modern, unfussy way to cover your windows.

An ideal alternative to traditional shades and draperies, shutters are available in hardwood as well as synthetic materials. Many can be painted to match or contrast with your wall colors, if you prefer something other than natural wood tones.

You can use custom shutters to cover large or small windows, including oddly shaped windows and openings. Composite materials allow you to use custom window shutters in baths, kitchens and even outdoors.

Today’s Newest Trends in Window Coverings

You may think you’ve seen everything under the sun in window coverings, blinds and shades, but professional designers keep creating fresh and unique looks.

Oversized shades are one of those trends. For exceptionally large windows, instead of using a series of blinds or multiple drapery panels, chose one all-encompassing woven shade for a fresh, streamlined look.

Swing-arm curtains are a fun way to tackle the small window challenge. It can be especially difficult to find blinds or shades for tiny windows, which are often placed high on a wall and are designed to be left uncovered. Swing-arm rods hold a fixed panel of fabric the size of the window opening. To “open” the curtain, the rod pivots outward into the room, much like opening a cabinet door. This concept has been popular in Europe for decades.

One more hot trend in custom window coverings involves adding high-contrast trim to drapery panels. Typical draperies are sewn entirely from a single fabric pattern. To create this designer look, panels of another fabric (that contrasts with the base fabric) are incorporated vertically at the center-facing ends of each panel. This way, the contrast is visible whether the drapes are open or closed.

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