Custom Furniture Keeps Your High-Tech Home Looking Stylish

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Custom furniture and decorative accessories can transform your home into a modern, upscale showplace – streamlining even your most challenging electronics and tech equipment.

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Like it or not, technology is a part of your family’s everyday life. In fact, if you’re like most modern households, your home is filled with electronics – many of them bulky, unattractive eyesores full of wires and cords.

With the right interior design and furnishings, however, your home doesn’t have to look clunky or awkward. Custom furniture is one of the most effective ways to manage your electronics, creating a smart home that doesn’t sacrifice style.

Custom Furniture Options to Hide Your Flat-Screen TV

After investing a large, sleek flat-screen TV, you may want to keep it out front and center at all times. But, if you prefer to keep your television out of sight when not in use, effective solutions can be hard to find.

Fortunately, since the screen is flat, your TV can easily be hidden inside custom furniture pieces. Likewise, your other electronics – video game consoles, DVR devices, cable boxes and more – can also find a home tucked away in a custom-built entertainment center.

But what if you don’t have the floor space for a customized armoire or cabinet large enough to hold your flat-screen TV?

Our professional designers recommend one of their favorite – and most cost-effective – tricks: Conceal it behind a custom piece of artwork with a deep frame, running the wires inside the wall. When you’re ready to watch, simply lift the artwork out of the way.

Custom Furniture to Conceal Your Computer Components

Computers typically include a virtual army of peripheral devices, none of which really fit in with most home interior design styles.

Routers, keyboards, printers, external hard drives and other computer components can be unattractive. Fortunately, you can easily keep them out of view with a customized furniture piece. A custom cabinet, armoire or desk can be designed to hold all of your computer-related electronics.

Even if you only own mobile computer devices, you still likely have a router for your home wi-fi. Why not disguise it as an accent piece? Remove the back of a decorative box and hide your router inside. Or, place it in a hollowed-out book, stack a few real books and decorative accessories alongside, and no one will notice the device.

Clever Ways to Hide Cords with Custom Furniture

Cords can spoil the look of your carefully designed home décor.

With custom furniture, that’s not an issue. Customized pieces can be crafted to make your cords disappear, but they’ll still be easily accessible if you need to change your devices or plug into a power source

The arrangement of your furniture can also help keep your cords concealed. You could, for example, move the pieces holding your electronics closer to the outlets so you don’t have cords snaking across the floor.

For the kids’ electronics, many of our customers find that it makes sense to invest in a custom cabinet for kids’ gaming devices, rather than try to make the myriad components fit into a production cabinet that may not meet your needs.

To learn more about how fine furnishings can make your high-tech home feel less like a runaway electronics display, contact the professional interior design staff at Guild Hall Fine Furnishings. Our Salt Lake City showroom and professional interior design staff can assist you in selecting the custom furniture options that work best for you.