Add Eye-Catching Home Décor Style with Patterns

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You can give your home décor a sleek and modern look with solid color fabrics and monochromatic shades. But, if you’d like to add a touch of life to your home spaces, consider adding prints and patterns.

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Decorating with patterns can give any room a pop of visual interest.

If you’re like most home decorators, however, you may shy away from prints for fear of going too far. Fortunately, boosting the style of your home with prints and patterns isn’t as challenging as you may think. Just follow our easy interior design tips.

How to Choose the Right Home Décor Patterns and Prints

Prints come in a seemingly infinite variety of designs. How can you possibly comb through all of the choices to find the right patterns for your home?

Start by discovering which types of prints appeal to you. Do you like geometrics or symmetrical patterns? Maybe you favor bold ethnic styles, realistic animal prints or subtle, elegant patterns. Or are abstract floral and botanical prints more of a match to your tastes?

You can figure out what types of patterns you like by browsing interior design photos in magazines and online. Take a look in your closet too. Chances are, if you enjoy wearing a certain type of print, you may prefer similar designs throughout your home.

Look for Patterns that Complement the Colors in Your Home Décor

Patterns don’t have to match. And, actually, interior designers often recommend mixing prints. How can you do this without making the room look chaotic and confused?

The trick is to make sure that your prints share a common color palette. They don’t have to use the same colors or shades, as long as you choose complementary tones. And, make sure that your pattern colors work with the colors of your walls and furniture.

Bursts of contrasting colors can catch the eye, but you don’t want the tones to clash.

Consider Size and Scale When Using Patterns in Home Décor

Too many prints in the same room can be overwhelming. Depending upon the size of your room, you’ll generally want to use patterns in about 40 to 60 percent of the home décor.

Proportion and scale are important factors when decorating with patterns, and interior designers typically suggest to use a mix of print sizes. Larger prints often work best when used in a larger area, such as for carpeting and rugs, custom window coverings or fabric furniture pieces.

Smaller designs are well-suited for decorative accessories, like throw pillows, picture frames, keepsake boxes and lamps.

Don’t be intimidated by the idea of mixing patterns. The rules aren’t set in stone, so trust your eye. You can tell if two prints look good together, and you can tell if patterns work with your home décor. When you choose what you like, you’re sure to be pleased with the results.

If you’re still daunted by the prospect of adding patterns and prints to your home décor, our professional interior design staff can provide guidance and inspiration. Visit the Guild Hall Home Furnishings showroom in Salt Lake City, Utah, for ideas that you can incorporate into your space. Or, if you’d like one-on-one professional assistance, contact us today to schedule a personal home décor consultation.