General Furniture Buying Tips: Form, Function, Expert Assistance

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While many of the themes we go over in this space touch on specific rooms or concepts within the home, these aren’t always what our clients are looking for. Many homeowners will often find themselves in a situation where they just need to select a single piece or two in a one-off sense — and we’re also here to help with these needs!

At Guild Hall Home Furnishings, we offer numerous forms of home furniture for clients to choose between, from bedroom furniture to kitchen furniture, outdoor furniture and much more. Our interior design experts are also here to assist you with any needs you may have, including for clients who aren’t necessarily designing an entire space, but rather are just selecting one or two specific pieces for a variety of possible needs. In this two-part blog series, we’ll go over some very general tips we offer to those in this realm, including for those who are purchasing furniture for the first time.

Think About Both Form and Function

How a given furniture piece looks is obviously very important for your home, but it cannot come at the expense of how it functions. It is not enough to simply have a piece that looks great with the way it’s been designed. Rather, you must also consider how well it will function within your home or office.

For instance, if you are purchasing an entertainment center, be sure that you choose one which has plenty of storage space and places for electronics but also ample room for display items like video games and DVDs. Sure, there is a certain amount of novelty in the occasional “secret compartment,” but we recommend against it unless you know you can make good use of such a feature (which is rare).

Work With Experts

Even if you’re only shopping for a single piece, we cannot stress enough how important it is to work with the experts at Guild Hall Home Furnishings. This includes not only our interior design and style experts who can help you pick out furniture that works well for your home, but also our experienced team of carpenters and craftsmen who ensure all pieces are built to last.

Simply put, these professionals add expertise and a knowledge base to your shopping experience that you may not come across elsewhere. In addition, their insight will allow them to offer recommendations that can help ensure your piece is a great fit for both your home and budget.

For more general tips on buying furniture for singular needs or one-off concepts, or even if you’re just a first-timer in this area looking to ensure you don’t make mistakes, contact the pros at Guild Hall Home Furnishings today. We’ll line you up with one of our experts to assist you with sourcing and purchasing all the furniture you might require.