Finally, Entertainment Centers Join the 21st Century

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Entertainment Center

Entertainment centers have been the bane of existence for interior design professionals and home decorators alike since the 1980s.

The designs of old were clunky and large, frequently lacking the most basic elements of style or design. With piers and bridges, glass shelves and strange lighting, they were extremely difficult to move and impossible to modify. In fact, you were often stuck with these behemoths, both in location and configuration, until you moved.

Today, the entertainment center has taken on a more sleek, minimalist feel that’s less intrusive and flexible enough to fit your changing needs.

Today’s Entertainment Centers Go High-Tech

Thanks to recent advances in technology, you can create a high-tech marvel in your own home or office. And you can accomplish this feat without the help of an electronics consultant or your nephew.

Wireless options mean the unsightly cables and cords disappear. The days of cutting holes in the wall and fishing wires into the ceiling are gone, thanks to Bluetooth and wifi. Most systems don’t require any advanced knowledge or programming skills either, unless you plan to add a full-blown theater or media center.

Interior design professionals suggest, whenever possible, that you select your entertainment center prior to purchasing your AV equipment. The small electronics components are more flexible easier to adapt to the furniture. If that’s not possible, you may want to consider a custom or semi-custom piece.

Choose a Semi-Custom or Custom Entertainment Center Design

To create the entertainment wall of your dreams, consider going with a custom or semi-custom furniture line.

Many fine furnishings manufacturers offer custom pieces designed to your specification. Most are based on their existing products. However, you can make changes to the finish, size and configuration. This allows you to create a design that fits your TV, game console, stereo system or whatever electronics you choose.

You can also select matching or coordinating pieces for storage, seating or accents, to help pull the space together.

Adapting a Standard Entertainment Center to Meet Your Needs

If you don’t want to wait for a custom or semi-custom piece to be built, you can choose a standard entertainment center and make it work.

Many fine furniture lines offer consoles, armoires and AV stands that feature adjustable shelves or optional components. You can also choose from high-end mix-and-match designs that provide flexibility as well as style.

One final trend that merits a mention is the use of non-traditional pieces for holding your electronics and media. Today’s lightweight flat screen TVs make this a popular option. Simply mount the TV on the wall and choose a workable piece to sit below.

Some popular choices include console tables, credenzas and low dressers. The rules are out the window these days, when it comes to choosing an entertainment center, so pick something you love and let us make it work!

Guild Hall Home Furnishings of Salt Lake City carries an extensive selection of furnishings, accessories and lighting. Our professional interior design staff can assist you in selecting a standard piece or guide you through the simple and affordable process of designing the custom entertainment center of your dreams. Contact us today!