More Tips for Maximizing Smaller Dining Room Space

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maximizing smaller dining room

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some basics on how to design a smaller dining room space. From the colors and light themes you utilize to the sorts of dining room furniture you consider, there are several variables to keep in mind if your dining room has limited square footage available.

Located in Salt Lake City, Guild Hall Furniture & Interior Design, we’re proud to offer not only a huge selection of dining room and other home furniture, but also interior design professionals who will assist you with the design of any small space, including your dining area. On top of the themes we already covered in part one, what are a few additional considerations you might benefit from keeping in mind as you look to utilize every inch of a more limited dining space?

Window Treatments

One of the big themes for those trying to maximize their space in a limited area is to limit the “fuss” in the aesthetic. Too many visual stimulants in certain areas will make the space feel smaller, not larger, and will achieve the opposite of your desired effect.

One area to keep in mind here if there are any windows in your dining room: Your window treatments. If there’s too much going on here, such as major valances and other items that take up space, you’ll be limiting the feel of the room’s size. We recommend simpler panels, plus blinds if you need to keep the space private.


For those who are considering a chandelier in the dining room area, this is easily doable even in a smaller space – but with the right precautions taken. For one, like with window treatments, you don’t want to be going too extravagant here: Keep the chandelier you choose relatively simple, plus as small as you can manage given the dimensions of your space. The simpler lines and profile a given chandelier has, the smaller it will feel in the room, and the larger the room will feel by contrast.

Transparent Furniture Options

From a visual space perspective, one excellent option for a dining room is transparent furniture. These pieces are especially helpful for visual aesthetics if they’re used in areas that don’t move often or are relatively out of the way, such as a side table or pedestal.

Now, we’ll remind you that you still have to consider physical space, as well. People do still have to move around in the dining room, which won’t be possible if you overcrowd it with transparent furniture options. But the right mixing and matching here can help you ensure you have all your desired pieces without crowding the space.

For more on how to design a small dining room area, or to learn about any of our interior design services or home furnishing options, speak to the staff at Guild Hall Home Furnishings today.

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