Tips for Designing Smaller Dining Rooms, Part 1

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Tips for design .designing smaller dining rooms

Located in Salt Lake City, Guild Hall Furniture & Interior Design, we’re happy to provide dining room furniture and related interior design assistance for any dining space in your home. As one of the most important areas in many homes, especially those who regularly host guests, the dining room requires careful attention when it comes to everything from primary pieces to decorative accessories.

We’re here to help with a variety of dining room spaces, including those that are on the smaller side. Not every dining room can be a sprawling landscape, and we’re here to offer great furnishings and expert tips when it comes to making the most of a limited space. This two-part blog series will discuss everything you need to know about furnishing a small dining room – part one will go over some general themes you should be sure to touch on, while part two will look at specific products or areas to be investigating.

Colors, Light and Scale Themes

The first thing you’ll be considering with any smaller dining space is how to maximize the square footage available. There are several tools at your disposal here, including the utilization of colors and lighting to increase the feel of the space.

For starters, you generally want to choose a limited, neutral color palette that will bring a spacious feel. You can intersperse brighter color accents in certain areas to mix things up, but you don’t want to include more than a few colors overall – this will confuse the eyes. On top of this, utilizing items like mirrors, chandeliers and other items that reflect light will help the space seem larger.

In addition, any furniture purchased for the area should be bought at scale. You must take the time to measure in advance and consider sizing for items like tables, chairs and more.

Table Selection

You will have several table options at your disposal, and this is one of the foundational elements that defines any dining room and its space. Some options:

  • Round: Usually the optimal choice for smaller spaces, round tables allow for maximum seating while allowing for plenty of space around them. If you need one, consider an extension leaf that opens up.
  • Narrow: If your dining room is narrow, a narrow rectangular table to match will often be ideal.
  • Pedestal: These are base types that don’t take up space with too many legs, allowing for additional guests.

Chair Profiles

A simple tip on chairs: Go armless for small rooms. Chairs without arms, especially those that are slimmer in general, take up far less space and leave more room for movement.


When it comes to other details, from window treatments to wall accents and more, a major theme in small dining spaces is simplicity. You’re looking to maximize not only physical space, but also visual space – too much clutter will make the area feel smaller and more compact, rather than the other way around.

For more on how to design a smaller dining room space, or to learn about any of our home furnishings or interior design services, speak to the staff at Guild Hall Home Furnishings today.

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