Classic Vs. Trendy Furnishings: Traits and Expense

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classic trendy furnishings traits

There are numerous home areas where a simple question is often asked by the homeowner or interior designer: Classic or trendy? While these aren’t the only two categories for home products or related areas, they’re two of the most well-known and two that are also opposed in a few distinct ways that make them easy to compare.

At Guild Hall Home Furnishings, we’re proud to offer home décor in both classic and trendy styles, plus numerous variations in between. From living room furniture to bedroom furniture, kitchen furniture and many other areas of the home, we have you covered no matter your needs. What defines the classic versus trendy debate to begin with, and what is a simple way of deciding which to go with if you’re unsure? This two-part blog series will go over a number of variables.

Trendy Vs. Classic Traits

From a general perspective, “classic” style refers to something that has a timeless quality or is particularly nice. It’s not the same as “classical,” which refers to cultural styles in areas like music and architecture.

Trendy items or themes, on the other hand, are those that are newer and more fashionable for the current time period. Trendy items may be associated with “fads” or other synonyms, though the lengths of time on these can vary significantly – some items or themes will trend for a few months, while others will trend for years or even decades at a time.

Time Vs. Expense

Within the home décor world, the classic versus trendy debate is a common one. Do you opt for designing a room with classic pieces that invoke feelings of tradition and homeliness, or are you the type who prefers modern designs that follow the latest trends?

No homeowner has to chose one or the other for their entire space – rather, it’s common to see them blended. How do you decide which areas to go classic in and which to go trendy in? One great answer is the time versus expense format – ask yourself how long you plan to be in the house, then evaluate how much the furnishing piece costs now. Compare this with how much it will cost to replace this piece once it goes out of style, if it’s in the trendy realm; which quartile you arrive in will often dictate which direction you should move in. Our next several sections will go over these quartiles.

High Time, High Expense

For those who are planning to stay in their home for a long period of time, higher-value pieces are often chosen in the classic realm. This is because for these sorts of items, such as sofas, bedroom sets, dining room sets and others, the expense of replacement is very high – so you don’t want to be doing so every few years, which is more common with trendy items. Many gravitate toward traditional, classic pieces that will last a decade or longer.

For more on how to choose between classic and trendy home furnishings, or to learn about any of our home décor or interior design services, speak to the staff at Guild Hall Home Furnishings today.