How to Choose the Right Bed for Your Child

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How to Choose the right furniture

Choosing home furnishings for your children can be great fun, especially if your kids are old enough to provide input and create their own personal style. But one piece of bedroom furniture – the bed – requires careful consideration.

Whether your child is just now making the switch to a big kid bed or you’re giving your child a bedroom makeover, selecting the right bed ensures years of comfortable sleep. Here, the interior design professionals at Guild Hall Home Furnishings what to keep in mind when shopping for children’s beds.

Consider the Available Space

The size of your child’s bedroom has a major impact on your choice of home furnishings. The smaller the space, the smaller you want the footprint of the bed to be – after all, you need room for a dresser, bookshelf and storage furniture. Plus, your child needs space to move around comfortably, and that won’t be possible if the bed takes up most of the floor.

Think About the Future

When making home furnishings selections for children, you need to consider what the future may have in store. Your child might, for example, end up sharing the bedroom with a sibling at some point. Or, their tastes may change, and a bed that was once much-adored could look too childish. For some parents, going with an option that can work well into the teenage years is the best solution.

Understand Your Options

You have a vast number of style choices, and you need to decide whether to go with a twin, full, queen or king size. In addition, different types of beds are available. For children, some of the more popular home furnishings include:

  • Trundle beds – Kids and sleepovers go hand in hand, and with a trundle bed, your child’s friend will have a comfortable spot to sleep. When not in use, the trundle tucks away to give your child plenty of space to play.
  • Bunk beds – If you expect your child to gain a sibling and share the bedroom, bunk beds can be a good solution. Or, choose a convertible model with sleeping space on top and a desk or futon seating down below.
  • Storage beds – With built-in drawers or open shelves, a storage bed can help your child keep the room clean and organized. This can also be a great solution for small bedrooms, eliminating the need for a dresser or additional storage furniture.

If you’re ready to choose a new bed for your child and you live in northern Utah, head to Guild Hall Home Furnishings.

Our expansive interior design showroom, located in Salt Lake City, features a range of bedroom furniture solutions for children. And our team of interior design professionals is always happy to help parents and kids find furniture that meets their needs. To explore your options and find the right bed for your child, visit Guild Hall Home Furnishings today.

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