The Interior Designer’s Guide to Creating a Cozy Reading Nook

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If diving into a good book is your idea of the perfect escape, a reading nook might be right up your alley. And, with advice from the professional interior designers at Guild Hall Home Furnishings, anyone can create a cozy space to read. Here’s how you can design a relaxing area to enjoy the latest bestseller, a treasured classic novel, or the daily newspaper in peace and comfort.

cozy reading nook

Choose the Perfect Spot for Quiet Reading

Ideally, a reading nook should be situated in an out-of-the way spot where you can relax without constant interruptions and noise. Interior designers say to avoid high-traffic areas and rooms with televisions, and nooks shouldn’t be near entryways. Instead, go for a little-used corner, a bay window, the space under the stairs or even a spare bedroom.

Find Comfortable Seating that Fits the Space

Seating is of crucial importance for a reading nook. Depending upon the amount of space you have available, you can choose a recliner, a chaise lounge, a loveseat or an accent chair paired with an ottoman. When you make your selection, interior designers recommend testing the firmness – it’s essential to find seating that will be comfortable for an extended reading session. And don’t forget about arm support, as you may need help holding up heavy books.

Make Sure the Light is Right for Reading

You don’t want to strain your eyes when you’re relaxing in your reading nook. Try to incorporate both natural and artificial lighting if you can, and consider table lamps and wall sconces with adjustable settings. If your nook is next to a window, you may also need custom window treatments to create the ideal lighting to read in comfort.

Consider Storage for Your Reading Materials

Keeping your books, magazines and newspapers close by makes for a more enjoyable reading experience. Bookcases are a natural choice, but not every reading nook is large enough to accommodate one. If your space is on the small side, interior designers suggest tucking your reading materials into a storage ottoman, small cabinet or wooden trunk. Or, stash a few selections inside a narrow side table.

Add Decorative Accessories for Ambiance

It’s your reading nook, so why not incorporate accents that showcase your individual style? Fun throw pillows and book covers as artwork are go-to favorites for interior designers, but you can add whatever type of decorative accessories speak to your personal tastes. Just don’t go overboard, or the space may feel cluttered and uncomfortable.

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