Decorative Accessories to Complete Your Luxe Interior Design

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Giving your home a high-end interior design look takes more than stylish, high-quality furniture. If you want to bring the feel of luxury to your living spaces, you need the right decorative accessories.

So, what types of home décor accents offer an upscale appeal? Interior design professionals turn to the following decorative accessories for the look of sophistication, glamour and extravagance.

Luxury decorative accessories

Statement Lighting

Lighting is always necessary, of course, yet some selections also function as decorative accessories. A dramatic floor lamp or oversized, decorative lampshades can bring the glamour and provide an interior design focal point. Or, consider installing a crystal chandelier, gilded wall sconces or fancy table lamps.

Decorative Mirrors

Well-placed mirrors can make any living space look larger and brighter, and the shine adds to the feeling of luxury. Look for unique, ornate frames and stands for tabletop mirrors. With wall-mounted mirrors, you can aim for both size and sophistication – you might, for example, mount one massive mirror over the fireplace or couch.

Intriguing Artwork

Large, interesting artwork gives off an expensive feel, so don’t skimp on size if you want a single canvas, statue or framed art piece to act as a focal point to a luxurious living space. If you’d like to show off several pieces, create a gallery wall with a mixture of eye-catching artwork in an array of shapes and sizes.

Opulent Area Rugs

A stylish area rug that covers a large portion of the floor can amp up the luxury, and choosing a softer texture can make the space seem all the more sumptuous. The right area rug can also be a statement piece or even the central point of a room’s interior design.

Luxurious Pillows

A bunch of throw pillows made of the best textiles can pack a powerful interior design punch. To create the look of high-end luxury, go for velvet, silk, faux fur or metallic linen throw pillows in shades, styles and patterns that enhance your home décor color scheme.

Custom Curtains

You may not think of curtains as high-end decorative accessories, but custom window treatments are both functional and incredibly stylish. With glorious fabrics, unique patterns and floor-to-ceiling coverage, custom curtains can definitely have you feeling like you’re living the luxurious life.

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