Dealing with Discontent: What to Do if You Hate Your Home

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A Trulia study from 2017 demonstrated that more than half of Americans are not happy with their homes.

One of the biggest factors driving this soaring level of discontent is that many (most?) of us have a specific “dream house” ideal in our mind. Maybe yours is on the beach or in the country. Maybe you dream of converting an old warehouse in New York or building a chalet in France.

But, at least for now, you’re living in northern Utah in something other than the home of your dreams.

Although you can’t change your home’s location or do much to alter its size or layout (unless you’re able to undertake a major renovation or add square footage), you can always do something to get closer to your dream house.

You Can Create a Home You Love – Right Where You Are

Melissa Michaels, author of “Love the Home You Have,” challenges us to see our homes through fresh eyes.

When you move into a new home, you get to start with a clean slate. You get empty rooms and bare walls, in and on which to create your unique interior design style. Fortunately, you don’t have to move to enjoy this level of creative freedom. You’ll just have to take it one room at a time.

Pick a room and take everything out, from the wall art to the rugs and furniture. Purge as much as you can as you’re emptying the space because, no matter what, you must commit to not putting anything back in that room that you do not love or that doesn’t contribute to the creation of your dream home.

How Home Furnishings & Accessories Can Help

If you have floors or wall surfaces you hate, now may not be a good time for painting or replacing the flooring. But, with a few rugs, some wall art and the right furnishings, you can turn those pain points into delight.

Choose the purpose of each room with intention and visualization. For example, your living room or family room should be about more than just a collection of seating. Maybe you want to create a dedicated corner for reading and shelves to hold your treasured book collection. Your master bedroom should be about all kinds of rest, relaxation and ease, so maybe you want to include a dressing area with all the comfort and convenience you need to start your day off right.

Once you know what you want your space, revisit your furnishings and accessories. If your current pieces don’t accomplish what you want – and if they don’t do it in a way that delights you – it’s time to get rid of them.

The right furnishings and accessories will also help you overcome the cluttered, overstuffed spaces that may have led you to hate your house. You will, of course, have to do your part in purging – whether it’s KonMari style, the NEAT Method or something else – if you really want to create your dream home right where you are.

Ready to Create Your Dream Home? Get Started Today

Every journey starts with a single step. Make today the day you take your first step toward creating a home you love.

You can look online for inspiration – Home Love Stories is packed with creative ideas. Or you can seek your inspiration somewhere you can touch and feel your options, rather than simply looking at them on a tiny screen.

In Salt Lake City, Guild Hall Home Furnishings has northern Utah’s most inspiring collection of distinctive fine furniture, home accessories, lighting and more. For almost a quarter-century, we have been helping our clients create their dream homes. Our professional interior design staff is here to help you navigate our inspiring showroom and guide you through making the changes you’ve been dreaming of for your Utah home.

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