Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Girls – The Tween/Teen Years

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When girls hit the tween and teen years, bedroom decorating can become a challenge for parents. If your daughter has transitioned into this phase – or is about to – it’s time to think about making some updates to her room.

Bedroom decorating for girls starts with finding the right basic furnishings around which to base your design. From there, you can tailor your choices of decorative accessories around her personality and preferences.

The Guild Hall interior design team helps parents choose the right home furniture, lighting and accessories using these simple steps.

Bedroom decorating for teen and tween girls made simple

Bedroom Furnishings Your Tween or Teen Girl Needs Now

As girls move through this challenging phase of life, they need a good night’s rest to help them manage the demands of school, family, community and social obligations. Choose a solid bed and top-quality mattress to help her feel rested and ready to face the day.

An upholstered headboard can help ensure her comfort if she likes reading, gaming or doing homework from her bed. Choose a neutral upholstery color and a durable fabric, to keep the furniture from becoming dated or tired-looking.

If she has a TV, gaming console or stereo system in her room, look for an entertainment center or electronics armoire to keep electronics and cables neat and organized.

Storage Solutions for Girls’ Bedroom Decorating Ease

Storage and organization become especially important for teen girls, as they build their wardrobe and accessories. She will also begin to accumulate books, electronics, keepsakes and awards from sports and activities.

Under-bed storage can help you make the most of a small space. Bookcases provide flexible storage and display options, especially if you add coordinating baskets for corralling small items.

Dual-purpose pieces such as storage benches or ottomans can provide seating options as well as the perfect place to safely store winter clothing, extra blankets or any other items she wants to keep handy.

Desks & Workspaces for Decorating a Teen Girl’s Room

If your daughter will be doing homework in her room, she will need a comfortable, versatile desk or workspace. Ensure that her desk has plenty of electrical outlets and a charging station for her devices.

She will also need an ergonomic chair too, to prevent fatigue and repetitive stress issues. Don’t forget about task lighting, to help prevent eye strain and enhance concentration.

Seating can be a challenge, especially if she enjoys having friends over. You can choose the classic beanbag chairs or, if you have room, add a small sofa or loveseat that converts to a sleep space, for those iconic teen slumber parties.

In Salt Lake City, Guild Hall Home Furnishings has everything you need to outfit your tween or teen girl’s bedroom. From fine furniture to decorative accessories, custom window coverings and lighting fixtures, you’ll find the perfect solutions in our expansive showroom. Our experienced interior designers are here to help, with suggestions that will fit your budget as well as her lifestyle.

Visit us today for more assistance with bedroom decorating for your tween or teen girl.