Home Furnishings & Accessories Tips for Single Men

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Tips for Single Men

If you’re a single man looking for the right home furnishings and accessories to create the perfect interior décor, you may feel a little overwhelmed – especially if you’re moving into your first real home.

Whether you’re in search of a man cave, bachelor pad or a more restrained, gentlemen’s club-type vibe, our professional interior designers have some suggestions to help you through the process.

Select Heavy, High-Quality Home Furnishings

It’s time to begin collecting the type of high-quality home furnishings that will stand the test of time. Although you may not have the resources to outfit your entire house with fine furniture, start by investing in a few basic pieces.

A good leather sofa, for example, will transition easily from home to home. Fine furniture will retain its look and integrity for decades and fit easily into a variety of design schemes. It’s also important to invest in a good bed, to ensure you wake up feeling refreshed every day. Besides, that old futon you’ve been carting around won’t work well in your new house.

Pay Attention to Lighting Fixtures & Accessories

Lighting helps enhance your overall décor and design scheme. Choose lights that appropriate for the space such as task lighting for your home office, reading lights for the den and softer, filtered lighting for living spaces. Be sure to include a mix of fixture types, including table and floor lamps, sconces and hanging, chandelier style lights.

Elevate Your Wall Art Selection

Avoid the temptation to hang your college dorm posters and word art in your new home. Instead, consider photographs, sketches, paintings and three-dimensional art pieces. Choose pieces with gallery frames or formal frames that enhance your color palette and design theme.

Remember the Importance of Storage Options

If you haven’t already begun to accumulate “stuff,” you will shortly. In your new house, you can’t very well line your sneakers up along the wall and hang your baseball caps as wall art.

Look for storage solutions for every part of your home. In the great room, you’ll need entertainment storage for your electronics, record albums and gaming console. In the bedroom or dressing area, make sure you have plenty of storage for clothing, shoes and accessories. In your home office, consider bookcases and filing cabinets to keep your world organized.

Use Strong, Natural Materials for a Classic Look

Although it’s important not to go overboard when creating a masculine interior design scheme, some materials lend themselves well to the environment you’re attempting to create.

Natural wood, metal and stone are strong, classic choices that won’t become dated after a few years. Stick with a neutral palette of basics – browns, blacks, creams and grays – for home furnishings. If you want pops of color, you can add accents in whatever tones you prefer. This also allows you to give your home a quick refresher when you’re ready for an update.

If you’re struggling to outfit your new home in a way that best suits your personality and lifestyle, the professional interior design team at Guild Hall Furniture Store & Interior Design Center is here to help. We have a full range of options including fine furniture, decorator accessories, custom window coverings and lighting in our comfortable Salt Lake City showroom. Visit us today for help with all your home furnishings and accessories needs.

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