Creative Home Storage Solutions Help Augment Limited Space

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Creative home storage solutions are imperative for anyone who lives in an older home with small closets. Creative storage solutions can also benefit the many Utah residents who have chosen to downsize and move into smaller homes, townhomes and condos.

You’re limited by the physical structure of your home but, inside the four walls, you have countless options for maximizing your storage space.

With the right home furnishings and storage accessories – and the help of a professional interior design consultation, if necessary – you can get the clutter and disorganization under control.

Furniture Options for Home Storage

If your idea of storage furniture stops with armoires and dressers, you’re in for a delightful surprise. You can adapt a variety of furniture for storage, depending on your needs.

Buffets and sideboards, bookcases, hutches, china cabinets, chests and even pantry cabinets and kitchen racks can double for other purposes.

For example, you can use bookshelves for organizing shoes. Media cabinets are ideal for corralling accessories. Under-bed drawers and storage benches are ideal for stashing seasonal items during the off-season. You can also choose a headboard that provides extra storage space for books, eyeglasses or any other items you would like to keep handy.

Home Storage Accessories

You can maintain a high degree of interior design style and integrity by using home accessories to help with your organization.

Baskets work in virtually any space. You can place them on bookcases, under nightstands and end tables, on shelves, etc. You can select baskets in a variety of colors and materials, including canvas, wood, metal or woven natural or synthetic materials. When surface space is limited, consider hanging baskets

Decorative boxes also provide flexible options for storage and organization. You can stack them on a dresser, chest of drawers or virtually any surface in your home. Consider using vases and bowls for collecting and keeping smaller items in one place.

Even home accessories like magazine racks can help you organize scarves, belts, neckties or even electronic devices, charges and cords.

A Professional Interior Designer Can Help with Home Storage Challenges

If you simply can’t get a handle on the clutter in your home, let a design professional assist you. Interior design professionals understand how to maximize space and help you achieve your goals.

At Utah’s Guild Hall, our interior design staff is always on hand to help you when you visit our Salt Lake City showroom. We are also available to consult with you in your home. We assist you with space planning and help you select the furnishings and accessories that are perfect for your home or business.

Contact us today to schedule your interior design consultation or visit our showroom to peruse our countless fine furniture and accessories options for improving your home storage and organization.