Should These Interior Design Trends Fade Away in 2019?

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Interior Design Trends

Interior design trends come and go over the years. Some trends disappear too soon while others seem to linger on well beyond their time.

Most interior designers will tell you that, if you like a particular style or trend, it never goes out of style. But, if you like keeping up with the latest styles of home furnishings and décor, we have a few fads that have begun to fade from style magazines, furniture showrooms and model homes.

What do you think? Should some or all of these interior fashions finally fade from view this year?

Synthetic Fabric Upholstery

For years now, furniture manufacturers have tried to tout the benefits of synthetic upholstery fabrics – including microfiber, olefin and acetate – as an alternative to natural fibers.

Although synthetics may appear to be more cost effective than the natural alternatives, they don’t last as long or stand up to wear and tear. In fact, they can become dated, faded and tired looking quickly – which means you’ll have to replace the piece or have it reupholstered.

If you need your home furnishings to stand up the rigors of kids, pets and heavy use, leather is always the right choice. Alternatively, consider wool, linen, canvas or cotton.

Cold, Neutral Tones

The interior design world has turned its back on the cold, boring grey tones that have dominated over the last few years. Instead, design pros recommend embracing warm tones whenever you’re looking for a neutral palette.

Think about colors that are found in nature – living nature – such as bamboo, sand and coffee bean. Ditch the silver tones for warm metal tones, including copper, bronze and pewter.

If you love your grey palette, you don’t have to ditch it. Just update it a bit with some splashes of warm accent colors.

Shabby Chic & Boho Furnishings & Decorator Accessories

Mass-produced tie-dyed tapestries, home warehouse batik pillows and faux-aged furnishings might still work in your daughter’s dorm room, but they don’t work so well in today’s well-put-together home décor.

If you have a penchant for antiques or historical furnishings, go in search of authentic pieces rather than knock-offs. They will endure for decades and become valued heirlooms in your family.

If you enjoy the look and feel of comfort in your accessories, seek out natural materials and fabrics with a warmer style and richer color palette.

If you’re ready to give your home a fresher, more on-trend update, visit Utah’s Guild Hall in Salt Lake City. Our professional interior designers can assist you in the selection of fine furnishings, home accessories and lighting that suit your individual style and tastes.

Our expansive showroom has tons of inspiring ideas that you can rest assured won’t become dated or tired-looking in a year or two. Visit us today to check out all the latest interior design trends and fine furniture pieces for your home or business.

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