Adding Hygge to Your Utah Interior Design

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Utah Interior Design

In Utah, our interior design often reflects the breathtaking natural surroundings and pays homage to the unique personality of life in the Intermountain West. It’s the perfect atmosphere to incorporate hygge, the Scandinavian design philosophy that focuses on warmth and comfort in the home.

As we navigate these cold, winter months, there’s no better time to improve the look and feel of your interior design by adding cozy, inviting elements. Hygge (pronounced hoo-GAH or hue-GAH) is founded in traditions of Danish wellness and the desire to create a warm, comforting environment – particularly during the wintertime.

In today’s topsy-turvy world, we could all use a little more warmth and comfort. Here’s how to adapt this philosophy to your home’s interior design.

How to Create Hygge in Your Interior Design

Hygge is essentially about seizing the moment, being present and gathering with those you love and cherish.

Start by picturing the coziest mountain cabin you can imagine, replete with crackling log fire, steaming mugs of hot cocoa and warm, comfy throws. You light a few candles and sink into an overstuffed leather chair with your favorite book or gather with friends or family for comfort food and board games.

Even though you can’t practically recreate that scene every day, you can bring that feeling of safety, warmth and happiness into your home or office design.

The most common elements of hygge are warm, natural materials, soft textures and woodsy, winter scents. But this philosophy isn’t just for winter. You can live the hygge life all year long by choosing furnishings and accessories that make your life better.

Choosing Home Furnishings with Hygge

To select interior furnishings that help you bring hygge to your space, think natural materials and simple design. Don’t worry – it doesn’t have to be the sleek, sparse décor that’s commonly associated with Scandinavian interior design. But choose each piece for function and comfort, and as much as for design value.

Choose dining tables, coffee tables, headboards, etc. made of natural wood. Choose upholstery that is leather or natural fibers, to ensure maximum comfort.

Scale is an important aspect of hygge. Don’t choose furnishings that are too large for the space. If you’re working with a smaller room, use nesting tables, for example, or choose a dining table with leaves you can add when you need them.

Hygge-Friendly Home Accessories & Décor

When choosing home accessories, textiles and lighting, keep your focus on comfort and rich texture.

Wool blankets, sheepskin rugs and throw pillows, candles and elements of nature are all ideal for creating the perfect atmosphere. Avoid plastics and other man-made materials, focusing instead on wood, stone and warm-toned metals and a hand-crafted feel.

Lighting should be warm and indirect but sufficient for dining, reading, playing games, etc. Placing your lighting on dimmer switches will allow you to adjust the ambiance as needed.

Above all, choose the furnishings and décor that make you feel at home. You can’t get hygge wrong, as long as you achieve the feeling of warmth, coziness and safety.

If you would like help bringing hygge into your home, visit Guild Hall in Salt Lake City. Our showroom is full of warm, comfortable home furnishings, accessories, accents and textiles that you’ll fall in love with, and our professional staff is always on hand to provide the help you need. Contact us today for help with all your Utah interior design and furnishings needs.

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