2019 Lighting Fixtures & Accessories Trends

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Lighting Fixtures

Lighting fixtures and accessories are a critical – but often overlooked – pillar of professional interior design. They’re also a quick and affordable way to give your home or business office a design makeover.

Unfortunately, we often tend to overlook this aspect of our interior spaces and, before you know it, you’re surrounded by tired lighting fixtures that belong in the last decade.

Here are some of the most exciting and, we believe, enduring trends that are emerging in the new year.

Streamlined, Low-Profile Light Fixtures

Simple and clean are the lifestyle watchwords for 2019, as many of us feel called to declutter our surroundings and get back to basics. Expect to see this attitude reflected in lighting as well as home furnishings and decorative accessories.

Think sleek fixtures that don’t overwhelm the space. They have the right proportions for the room while providing the right amount of light for your needs. Simple pendant lights work in the kitchen, dining space and even the bathroom.

Brass Lighting Fixtures Are Back

Before you roll your eyes and dismiss this hot new trend, consider the ongoing resurgence of natural metals in every aspect of interior design.

In 2019, however, expect to see unsealed brass lighting fixtures, which will patina beautifully and warmly over time. Hanging brass light fixtures work well over a kitchen island or bar, in the entry foyer and above your dining table.

Wall Sconces Make a Subtle Statement

Having been off the interior design radar for a few years, you might be surprised to see wall sconces making a resurgence. But this trend is definitely worth a long look.

No longer banished to the hallway, you can use sconces in the living area, bedroom, entryway and even in the dining room. Today’s designs are sleek and sculptural, adding major design impact as well as light.

Consider adding a pair of sconces on either side of the fireplace or over a buffet or sideboard. One of our favorite new design trends is to use wall sconces rather than table lamps on either side of the bed. You still have easy access to control your lighting, but you gain critical space on your nightstands.

Environmentally Conscious Light Fixtures

In every type of fixture – from pendant lights and chandeliers to floor and table lamps – designers and manufacturers are adopting environmentally conscious features.

The most common feature of energy-saving lighting fixtures are LED bulbs. Fortunately, most fixtures now allow you to change the bulb, should it fail, rather than throw the entire fixture out and replace it.

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