Home Décor Tips for Creating a White Palette with “Wow Factor”

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Love the idea of using a white color palette for your home décor? An all-white interior design scheme can make your living spaces feel calm, comfortable and welcoming – but if you aren’t careful, the monochromatic look can seem a bit boring.

Fortunately, the professional interior design team at Guild Hall Home Furnishings has plenty of easy tricks for adding pizzazz to an all-white place. To get the wow factor you want with a white color palette, try the following home décor tips.

decorating with white

Blend Different Shades of White

From alabaster, bone and cream to eggshell, pearl and snow, white comes in many shades. To pull off an all-white palette that doesn’t feel flat, try working in home furnishings and wall paint colors in at least a few different shade variations.

Infuse the Space with Texture

All-white living spaces can seem stark and cold. To make sure your home décor doesn’t strike a hospital-like chord, layer on the texture. Felt lampshades, sheepskin area rugs, fluffy throw pillows and linen window coverings are just a few options that can soften and add interest to a crisp white palette.

Work in Pale Wood

High-quality white wood furniture is available, but you don’t have to limit yourself to all-white fine furnishings. Pale woods like maple and ash can blend seamlessly with your monochromatic color palette, while also adding textural interest. Lime-washed or whitewashed pieces also work well for white interior design schemes.

Pair White with a Light Color

Using a light accent color can add much-needed depth and dimension to your living spaces. Pale gray pairs quite well with a white interior design palette. Or, consider a barely-there shade of pink or blue. In any case, use the accent color in your fine furnishings and to highlight your home’s architectural features.

Add Artistic Accessories

When all or most of your home décor is white or pale in color, anything that’s a different shade automatically draws attention. Be artful with your decorative accessories, choosing artwork and accents that express your individual style.

Want more home décor tips for working with a white color palette? The professional interior design team at Guild Hall Home Furnishings, located in northern Utah, can help you breathe life into your monochromatic living spaces.

The Guild Hall furniture store showroom features an impressive range of beautiful, high-quality furnishings in many different styles. We also have a vast selection of uniquely interesting decorative accessories that can add instant oomph to your monochromatic interior design.

Guild Hall Home Furnishings is your best resource for both interior design inspiration and professional assistance in creating wow-worthy living spaces. If you’re ready to transform your home décor, visit our Salt Lake City furniture store showroom today.

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