Custom Window Coverings – A Guide to Curtain Design

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Custom window coverings can add privacy, style and sophistication to any of your living spaces. And, while elaborate draperies made of heavy, luxurious fabrics are classic favorites, many homeowners these days prefer a less formal option – curtains.

Curtains are typically made of sheer or lightweight decorator fabrics, such as linen, silk or cotton. When it comes to customized curtain design, however, material choice isn’t the only important consideration. 

custom window coverings

Curtain Length

Short curtains, designed to cover the window from top to sill, can add a casual and relaxed touch to any living space.

Long curtains are more formal. Panels that brush the floor offer a structured, elegant appearance, while window coverings that carry a few inches of extra length give a room a softer, more romantic style.

Curtain Width

Professional interior designers usually recommend designing curtains to be at least twice as wide as the window, as this helps ensure that the panels overlap and hang naturally.

If, however, you’d prefer a fuller, more dramatic look, make the window coverings even wider. Or, if you plan to tie the curtains back on only one side, aim for a width that’s about one and a half that of the window. 

Curtain Styles

Customized curtains come in many different styles, all of which can work for window coverings of varying lengths and widths.

Panel pair or double panel curtains are a common choice, as the coverings can be opened to beautifully frame the window or closed to filter light and provide privacy. Often, homeowners add valances or window scarves to add softness and cover the hardware.

Stacked curtains are also popular here in northern Utah. Layering two sets of panels adds depth to a window, while also allowing you to control the amount of light that filters through.

Curtain Features

When designing your custom window coverings, you may want to consider additional features.

For nurseries, children’s rooms and bedrooms, blackout curtains can be beneficial. When shut, these coverings completely block sunlight from entering, enabling everyone to get a better night’s sleep.

If energy efficiency is a goal of yours, thermal curtains can be a smart choice. Lined with insulating material, these coverings reduce the amount of heat (or, in the summer, cold air) that is lost through the windows. As an added bonus, thermal panels also muffle traffic noise and other outdoor sounds.

With all the decisions involved, designing custom window coverings can seem a bit complicated – but you don’t have to take on the task alone. The professional interior designers at Guild Hall Home Furnishings can walk you through the process and help you create the ideal curtains for your northern Utah home.

As the region’s leading furniture store, Guild Hall Furniture & Interior Design also offers an expansive selection of high-quality fine furnishings and decorative accessories. To browse our home décor selections, or to learn more about our curtain design and custom window covering services, stop by our Salt Lake City showroom today.

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