How to Choose Home Furnishings for a Vacation Rental Property

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Selecting home furnishings for a vacation rental property can be a challenge. Travelers make their decisions on accommodations based upon what they see in the listing photos – and if your home décor isn’t up to snuff, they’ll book a stay elsewhere.


So, how do you decorate a vacation rental that attracts guests? The professional interior designers at Guild Hall Home Furnishings put together some of their top tips for creating a look travelers will love.

How to Choose Home Furnishings for a Vacation Rental Property


Look for High-Quality Home Furnishings


A vacation home needs high-quality furniture. You wouldn’t want to stay in a rental property outfitted with furnishings that look or feel cheap – and neither does any other traveler. 


Better quality does come at a higher price, but investing in superior home furnishings can help boost your vacation rental business success. Plus, choosing furniture that’s built to last is a smart move for a home that gets frequent guests. 


Trend Toward Timeless Home Furnishings


In your own home, your individual style and personality dictate your furniture and decorative accessory choices. When choosing home furnishings for a vacation rental property, however, you should aim for pieces that have a more universal appeal.


This doesn’t mean going against your own taste. Go for a look you like, whether that’s art deco, mid-century modern, farmhouse, industrial, shabby chic or any other interior design style. But, you may want to lean toward the conservative side – skip the oddball artwork, quirky textiles and ultra-bright colors.


Provide for Good Lighting


Overhead lighting is a staple in many vacation homes, but ceiling fixtures shouldn’t be the only sources of light. Task lighting in the kitchen is a must, and guests are happy to find dimmable bedside and end table lamps. 


Good lighting also makes sense for another reason. Travelers won’t be as familiar with your vacation rental property as you are, and they could easily trip and fall if your home doesn’t have enough lights in the right places.


Finish Every Living Space


Vacation rental properties sometimes look a little unfinished – and it’s usually because the living spaces lack the little touches that make a house feel like a home. 


Take the time to fully furnish every room, decorating to the standard you enjoy in your own home. Outfit the walls with artwork and place decorative accessories on the mantels and shelves. Make sure the window coverings are well-suited for the space, and remember to cover hardwood floors with foot-friendly area rugs. These little touches can really make a big difference!


Is your vacation rental property located in northern Utah? When you’re ready to shop for home décor, head to Guild Hall Home Furnishings. Our interior design showroom contains a vast range of stylish, high-quality furniture, lighting options and decorative accessories that can bring out the best in your vacation home.


And, if you like, the Guild Hall professional interior designers can offer expert advice on how to choose home furnishings for your rental property. With our help, your home is sure to get top ratings among travelers. 


To browse the expansive Guild Hall Furniture & Interior Design showroom for the perfect pieces for your vacation rental property, or to learn more about our professional interior design service, come visit us in Salt Lake City today.

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