Clever Interior Designer Ideas for Homes with Low Ceilings

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Professional interior designers don’t let low ceilings get in the way of style – and you don’t have to, either.

If you recently moved into a northern Utah home that’s vertically-challenged, some of the rooms may feel a bit cramped with your current furnishings. Redecorating can fool the eye, giving a living space with a low ceiling a much more open feel.

For inspiration, check out the following smart ideas from the professional interior designers at Guild Hall Home Furnishings.

Choose Furniture that Adds Height

The right furnishings can create a feeling of more vertical space in a room. Choosing low-slung furniture – sofas, chairs, sectionals and tables that are on the short side – adds a sense of height because the amount of space between the surfaces and the ceiling is increased. Floor-to-ceiling bookcases and entertainment centers can also work well in low-ceilinged rooms, as they seem to elongate the wall height.

Lengthen the Window Coverings

When redecorating rooms that are vertically challenged, professional interior designers don’t install curtain rods at the top of the window frames. Instead, the rods are positioned to be flush with the ceiling, and the window coverings reach all the way to the floor. When curtains hang along the entire length of a wall, the long lines help to make the ceiling appear higher than it actually is.

Install the Right Lighting

Pendant lights other large ceiling-mounted fixtures can draw the eye to the lack of vertical height in a room, visually shortening the walls. For low-ceilinged living spaces, professional interior designers generally turn to flush-mount light fixtures, track lighting and wall lights to create illumination and a feeling of more height.

Emphasize Another Design Element

To redecorate some rooms with low ceilings, interior designers put the focus on another feature of the space – which thereby helps to keep attention away from the vertical height of the walls. An interesting mirror, unique wall art or a grouping of decorative accessories can work, or define the space with a striking, colorful area rug.

Make a Feature of the Low Ceiling

A low ceiling doesn’t always have to fade into the background – professional interior designers sometimes go the opposite route, and make it into a focal point. Adorning the surface with gorgeous tiles, painting it a bold color or covering it with an eye-catching wallpaper can do wonders, turning an otherwise ordinary space into a stunner.

Ready to redecorate your vertically-challenged northern Utah home? The Guild Hall Home Furnishings showroom is packed with stylish, high-quality furniture and lighting options that can help you make the most of your low ceilings. We also offer custom window coverings to give your living spaces the illusion of added height, and our professional interior designers are always on-hand to provide expert advice.

Located in Salt Lake City, Guild Hall Furniture Store is the region’s premier furniture store, a leading source for top-of-the-line fine furnishings and decorative accessories. For more intriguing interior designer ideas for homes with low ceilings, or to browse our 16,000 square foot showroom, come visit us today.

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