Interior Design Tips: How to Decorate a Mantel Like a Pro

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Interior design professionals often treat mantels as focal points – which makes sense, considering how families naturally gather around the fireplace area of the living room. 

For a beautifully-styled mantel, the key is to create a balanced arrangement with both texture and depth. The decorative accessories chosen should have a natural, cohesive flow that pleases the eye.

The right mantel décor can take your interior design to new heights, greatly adding to the style of your home. For an easy way to decorate yours like a pro, follow this three-step process.

Interior Design Tips How to Decorate a Mantel Like a Pro

Start with an Anchor Piece

First, choose a large item to act as the anchor for your mantel. As this piece determines the overall interior design style of the space, it should be something you love that instantly catches the eye. Wall art, framed mirrors and large clocks are all good choices – simply hang one up or lean it up against the wall behind the fireplace mantel.

Balance the Visual Weight

Once your anchor piece is in place, you need to balance out the arrangement. To do so, choose decorative accessories like tall candlesticks or vases – pieces that are slightly shorter than your large anchor item. Place the decorations on both sides of the mantel to add height at the edges and give the space a visually-balanced look.

Fill in the Empty Areas

The final step to interior design for a mantel is to fill in the gaps. Use smaller decorative accessories of varying heights and sizes to create a natural flow, an easy path for the eye to follow. As you place the items, allow overlap in several places to bring depth to the arrangement. Be careful, though, not to pile on too many pieces – you need enough to fill out the mantel, but not so many that the focal point of your living room looks cluttered.

Another easy tip for decorating a fireplace mantel like a pro? Visit Guild Hall Home Furnishings – our northern Utah showroom offers a sizeable selection of unique decorative accessories, framed mirrors, large clocks and wall art – any of which could serve as inspiration for your mantel décor. 

And, if you’d like expert advice on your home décor, the Guild Hall team of interior design professionals can help. Just ask, and we’ll work with you to create a cohesive and connected mantel arrangement that expresses your individual style and personality. Our interior designers can also guide you in decorating and arranging the rest of your living spaces.

For more information on the Guild Hall Home Furnishings professional interior design service, or to get started shopping for mantel décor, come visit us in Salt Lake City today.

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