On-Trend Business Office Furniture Ideas

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Business office furniture trends come and go. Designers of commercial furnishings are always looking for new ways to meet the ever-changing needs of today’s businesses – and, of course, workplace style is constantly evolving.

Many local commercial furniture dealers – including Guild Hall — strive to offer the latest innovations in workplace furnishings. Below, we look at what’s on-trend for business office furniture right now.

Adaptable Furniture

Rather than set-in-place desks, tables and cubicles, more and more businesses are turning to adaptable office furniture. High-quality rollable desks, modular workstations and mobile, height-adjustable work surfaces make it easy for employees to use spaces for multiple purposes – without the stress of moving around heavy furniture.

Collaborative Furniture

Research shows that collaboration can have a big impact on workplace creativity and innovation. To that end, commercial furnishings that enable employees to brainstorm ideas and work together comfortably – like larger desks, sizeable tabletops and even groupings of sofas, settees and armchairs around a coffee table — are becoming quite popular. 

Ergonomic Furniture

For offices where employees sit at desks most of the time, worker health is growing to be a major focus of interior design. To help prevent aches and pains related to constant sitting, many businesses are investing in supportive seating, standing desks, adjustable work surfaces and other ergonomic office furniture.

Tech-Friendly Furniture

In today’s business world, technology drives much of what happens in the workplace. To stay competitive, offices are blending form with function by upgrading to stylish, tech-integrated furnishings equipped with power outlets, lighting, USB ports, charging stations and built-in cord management. 

Unconventional Furniture

With the millennial generation flooding the workplace, business interior design is changing to adapt. Instead of closed-off cubicles and furniture designed for individual office spaces, commercial furnishings designers are creating unique, funky pieces that fit into an open concept and make the office a fun, inspiring place to work.

Are you looking to outfit an office space? Guild Hall Home Furnishings, located in northern Utah, offers the latest on-trend business office furniture – our showroom contains a vast range of stylish and practical furnishings from today’s top commercial designers.

In addition, the Guild Hall professional interior design team can assist with office furniture selection, space planning and workplace furnishing installation. We can help you present the right business image to clients and customers, while also creating a functional and productive work environment for your employees.

To learn more about our professional interior design services — or to shop for high-quality, on-trend business office furniture – visit the Guild Hall Home Furnishings showroom in Salt Lake City today.

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