Interior Designer Recommendations for a Spare Bedroom

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To an interior designer, a spare bedroom is like a blank canvas with endless possibilities. But, for many homeowners, figuring out what to do with the extra space can present a challenge.

If you move to a larger home or your children are starting to leave the nest, you may end up with a spare bedroom (or two.) Don’t let this valuable space go unused. Instead, consider our creative interior designer recommendations.

Interior Designer Recommendations for a Spare Bedroom

Guest Bedroom

Make your empty space into a guest bedroom and you’ll always be ready for friends or family members to come for an overnight visit. Choose a comfortable bed – outfitted with plenty of throw pillows – and fill the room with fine furnishings and decorative accessories that create a relaxing environment. 

Home Office

Do you wish you could be as productive off the clock as you are at work? Interior designers understand that creating an uplifting, inspirational home office can help boost both your creativity and productivity. For a workspace that feels more like an escape, choose a beautiful office desk that offers plenty of storage. Finish the space by adding an ergonomic chair, filing cabinet, dedicated task lighting and wall art that intrigues the eye.

Reading Nook

If you’re a serious bookworm, why not transform your spare bedroom into a reading room? Fill the space with bookshelves – enough to arrange your book collection – and find a comfortable recliner, couch or sectional for lounging. Plan for surface, wall and overhead lighting, and you’ll be able to catch up on your reading any time of the day or night.

Music Room

Does your household contain any music aficionados or budding musicians? To contain all the instruments, speakers, amplifiers, sheet music and other gear – and to provide a dedicated space for practice – turn your extra space into a music room. For better sound buffering, decorate with area rugs, custom window coverings and upholstered furniture.

Fun Zone

If you still have children living at home – or if your family is young at heart – consider using your spare bedroom for a fun zone. Stock the space with comfy, durable home furnishings along with a pool table, pinball machine, video games, board games or even toys. With all your entertainment gear corralled in one room, the rest of your home is bound to look and feel less cluttered.

If you need some professional interior design inspiration for your spare bedroom, visit Guild Hall Home Furnishings. Our northern Utah showroom is packed with unique, high-quality furniture and decorative accessories that can help you transform your empty room into a space that works for your family’s lifestyle.

And, if you want an expert opinion on what to do with a spare bedroom, our professional interior designers are always happy to offer advice and suggestions. Just ask, and we’ll help you decide on the perfect way to use the space.

To browse our fine furnishings, or for interior designer tips on how to decorate your spare bedroom, visit Guild Hall Home Furnishings in Salt Lake City today.

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