Home Decor Tips for Families with Young Children

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If you have young children, home décor likely suffers at the mercy of curious hands and fingers, and possibly the occasional crayon, marker or other tools of exuberant creative expression. 

Although you may believe that a put-together interior design will have to wait until your kids go off to college, our experienced designers have assembled a list of home décor tips to help. Keep these tricks in mind when choosing your furniture and decorative accessories, and you can enjoy a tastefully-designed home that’s both safe and (almost) child-proof.

Home Décor Tips for Families with Young Children

Think About Safety

For households with young children, safety always comes first – but that doesn’t mean style has to go out the window. Instead, simply make smart interior design choices. Trade out the sharp-edged coffee table for a soft ottoman, for example, and display delicate decorative accessories out of reach. 

Avoid Light Colors

Say no to white or light-colored furniture, area rugs and throw pillows. Darker colors or eye-catching multicolored patterns are better home décor options, as they can more easily hide the inevitable stains, spills, and soil from everyday use.    

Choose Easy-Care Surfaces

Speaking of spills and stains, look for finishes and textiles that are easy to clean. Small area rugs and throw pillows that can be thrown in the washing machine are good choices. Look for furniture that can be quickly wiped down. Since young children tend to spread crumbs everywhere, stay away from pieces that have tons of nooks and crannies.

Consider Slipcovers 

If you prefer textiles that aren’t so kid-friendly, or if you’d rather invest in light-colored fine furnishings, washable slipcovers can be your best friend while your kids are young. A range of beautiful options are available, and you can easily pop the furniture covers in the laundry as needed.

Add Decorative Storage

When planning kid-friendly interior design, don’t forget about storage. Households with young children tend to accumulate toys, games and books in just about every room. Decorative, vintage-inspired wire baskets, bookshelves, cabinets and ottomans with hidden storage can keep everything contained while also adding a dose of style.

For more kid-friendly home décor tips and a vast selection of high-quality furniture and decorative accessories that work well in households with young children, visit Guild Hall Home Furnishings. 

If you would like some expert assistance while exploring your home décor options, the Guild Hall interior design team is always on hand to make recommendations and offer advice. We can work with you to create living spaces that showcase your individual style yet stand up to daily use from the most active members of your household.

To learn more about the professional interior design service offered here at Guild Hall Furniture store in Salt Lake City, or to browse our kid-friendly home décor selections, stop by our Salt Lake City showroom today.

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