6 Must Have Business Office Furnishings & Decorative Accessories 

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The right business office furnishings and decorative accessories can encourage creative thinking and boost your team’s productivity. 

6 Must-Have Business Office Furnishings & Decorative Accessories 

That said, business décor must be carefully curated for a professional appearance. To design a professional and organized office that encourages workplace inspiration, incorporating furnishings and decorative accessories that multi-task as much as your staff does.

No. 1: Desktop Organizers

Clean, organized desks appear more professional than those overloaded with reams of paper, office supplies and random accessories. Too much clutter has the potential to be distracting, but desktop organizers can add style and keep the chaos in check.

No. 2: A Chic Desk Lamp

Overhead lighting is the norm in a business office setting, but it’s neither the most attractive or productive form of lighting. Desk lamps can provide targeted illumination for better workplace productivity while improving the atmosphere of the space. 

Available in a wide range of sizes, styles and designs, desktop lamps bring practical sophistication to your business workspaces.

No. 3: A Stylish Wall Clock

Everyone relies on their phones for the time these days, but a unique wall clock can act as an office décor focal point. Having a clock on the wall can also help motivate employees to stay on track with their work.

No. 4: Inspiring Artwork

Decorating your business office with artwork inspires workplace creativity and adds character to the space. Paintings, art prints and wall sculptures can elevate your office décor, especially in lobbies, entryways and common areas. 

In hallway spaces, consider creating a gallery wall of framed photos related to your business interspersed with inspirational prints or quotes.

No. 5: An Idea Board

People have great ideas all the time, but they don’t always write everything down. An inspiration board, with space to keep notes, images and anything else that relates to the work at hand, can help with brainstorming and office productivity. 

No. 6: Add a Personal Touch

Everyone finds inspiration from different sources, and allowing employees to add their own can help improve your company’s productivity. Candles, photos and collectibles are popular options, as are office plants and flowers. 

However, to maintain a professional office interior design, you may have to limit the type and quantity of personal accessories your employees can bring into the workplace. 

If you’re in the market for business office furnishings and decorative accessories, let the Guild Hall Home Furnishings team help. Our expansive showroom offers a vast selection of office furniture and fine home furnishings that can help you create a stylish, professional ambiance.

For expert guidance in choosing your business furnishings and decorative accessories, the Guild Hall professional interior design team is standing by to assist. Our friendly and knowledgeable designers can work with you both in the showroom and at your business location to achieve the look and feel you envision.

For more information on our professional office interior design service, or to shop for business office furnishings and decorative accessories, call or visit Guild Hall Office Furniture in Salt Lake City today.

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