Interior Designer Tips for Organizing Your Living Room

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As any professional interior designer will tell you, the living room is one of the most challenging areas in the home to keep organized. As the main gathering space, the room gets a lot of use, which means clutter can become an ongoing problem.

Interior Designer Tips for Organizing Your Living Room

Are you struggling to organize your living room? The interior design experts at Guild Hall Home Furnishings know how to help you pull your living space together and keep it looking neat and clutter-free.

Invest in Double-Duty Furniture

Double-duty furniture pieces make it easier to keep any room organized. In the living room, a lift-top coffee table, or one with drawers, offers hidden storage for everyday items. Benches and ottomans with built-in storage are also practical, as they provide seating and space to stash away your belongings.

Create a Charging Station

Desktop charging stations are commonly used in offices, but interior designers have begun implementing the same concept in the living room. This means that everyone has quick and easy access to a charge, but the chaotic mass of cords and charger boxes are tucked out of sight. 

You can also convert a side table drawer into a hidden spot for charging devices. 

Control the Cord Chaos

Speaking of cords, entertainment center devices can often use a little taming. 

Rather than live with a tangle of cables and wires, interior design pros recommend using a cord management system. You may also want to consider investing in customized entertainment furniture pieces that are designed to accommodate all your electronics and make the cords disappear from view.

Remove Visual Clutter

Decorative accessories, knick-knacks and collectibles showcase your personality and bring style to the living room. However, too much personality can make living spaces feel cluttered and even claustrophobic. 

With a critical eye, look at the entire space and remove anything that doesn’t really belong. And, while you’re at it, think like a professional interior designer and limit the accessories to just a few special pieces or a single collection.

Contain Loose Items

Whenever loose items accumulate on a surface, it tends to attract even more. Here, an interior designer often turns to small decorative bowls, boxes and bins, as they can easily and neatly contain keys, coins, pens, magazines and other clutter. 

Take care to rely on this trick sparingly. Otherwise, you could turn a helpful organizational technique into a mishmash of containers, each of which is its own “junk drawer.”

Organizing your living room may not be easy, but you don’t have to tackle it alone. The professional interior designer team at Guild Hall Home Furnishings can help. Whether you want assistance selecting double-duty furniture, displaying your collectibles and decorative accessories or arranging the space, our designers can offer expert advice.

The Guild Hall Home Furniture Store design team can also guide you in organizing and decorating the rest of your living spaces. From bedrooms and dining rooms to playrooms and home offices, we have all the fine furnishings you need – and we’d love to help with your organizational goals.

Stop by Guild Hall Home Furnishings in Salt Lake City, Utah, today to browse our showroom and chat with our professional interior designer staff.

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