Interior Designer Tips for Choosing the Perfect Area Rugs

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Interior designers know that the perfect area rug can anchor a room and add interest to your home décor. In fact, that right rug can be one of the most influential style elements in any living space – which is why you need to choose yours wisely.

If you’re not sure how to even start area rug shopping, you might want to consider working with an interior designer. To get you started and give you some guidance in making your selection, the professional interior design team at Guild Hall has assembled a few tricks to help you pick the perfect rug. 

Buy the Best Area Rugs You Can Afford

Experienced designers know that high-quality area rugs are well-worth the investment. 

Jute, sisal and grass designs tend to be inexpensive, but you get what you pay for with these materials. Cheaper rugs are usually difficult to clean – a single spill in the wrong place, and you’ll be buying a replacement. Inexpensive rugs will also start to look old, tired and dingy after only a few months, and drag down the overall feeling and visual impact of the space. 

Quality materials like silk and wool last much longer and hold up much better over time. Try to buy the highest-quality rug you can afford, using the cost of your other home furnishings as a guideline. As a rule, interior designers often recommend spending about the same amount for a large rug as you would spend on a new sofa.

Be Smart About Sizing Area Rugs

If you skimp on the size of your area rug, your room will look smaller and more cramped. It will also compromise the flow of your interior design elements.

How do interior designers size area rugs? An easy trick is to measure the overall seating area of the room, then select a rug that’s slightly larger. That way, at least the front furniture legs can rest on the surface. In the bedroom, extend the size a bit further, roughly two feet on each side of the bed.

If you have an oddly shaped space or you aren’t sure what constitutes the seating area of a room, talk to an interior designer for guidance.

Don’t Leave the Area Rugs for Last

Interior designers choose area rugs at the beginning of the room design process – not at the end.

Basing the design of a room on a well-chosen rug creates unity in the space and makes it easier to choose coordinating furniture and decorative accessories. If you buy everything else first, finding the perfect area rug is going to be much more difficult and time-consuming.

Shop Locally for Your Area Rugs 

Home décor magazines and websites are great for design inspiration, but shopping for area rugs online isn’t the wisest idea.

Pictures can be deceiving. Order yours online, and there’s a good chance you might not be entirely satisfied once you see it in person. The colors might not be what you expect, or you might question the quality of the materials, for example.

Shopping locally allows you to examine area rugs in person, to get up close and feel the materials. And, matching a specific color is easy – all you need is a fabric swatch or paint sample.

If you’re having trouble finding the perfect area rug, the experienced interior designers at Guild Hall Furniture Store are happy to help. We can guide you through our Northern Utah showroom and offer advice on selecting all of your fine furnishings and decorative accessories. 

Guild Hall Furniture & Interior Design Center offers a wide range of high-quality rugs in a variety of styles. Come visit our Salt Lake City showroom today, and let our experienced interior designers help you find the perfect area rug to suit your home décor.    

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