6 Interior Designer Secrets for an Upscale Ambiance

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Giving your home a high-end, interior designer look and feel is easy when you know a few pro tips and insider secrets.

You don’t have to redecorate or hire a designer to crank up the ambiance of your home. Our design staff has put together a tried-and-true game plan for you. All you have to do is follow along at home.

No. 1: Edit Your Decorative Accessories

Go through every room in your home and get rid of the decorative accessories that don’t match your personal style or the style of your home furnishings. These edits might be difficult to make, but removing everything that doesn’t mesh well can help you achieve the more cohesive, uncluttered look that is the hallmark of professional designers

No. 2: Rethink Your Lighting

Using a variety of light sources can add depth and sophistication to your living spaces. Consider adding a mix table lamps, sconces and overhead lighting to visually differentiate the areas in each room. Installing dimmer switches and warm-colored light bulbs are high-impact interior designer tricks for enriching your home’s ambiance and style.

No. 3: Make Sure Your Window Coverings Reach the Floor

The right window treatments can take your home décor from ordinary to extraordinary. Interior designers rarely use draperies that are too short, as they tend to look choppy and break up the space unnecessarily. Before shopping for window coverings, take careful measurements and make sure that the drapes you buy are long enough to touch the floor.

No. 4: Incorporate Texture

Adding texture can really amp up the style of your living spaces. A range of textures will provide the biggest impact. Interior designers typically decorate with throw pillows, area rugs and decorative accessories made from highly textural materials, like wood, leather and woven textiles.

No. 5: Add Metallic Touches

Reflective surfaces make a room look brighter and more spacious – and they also make a home look more upscale and stylish. A few strategically-placed mirrors and metallic accessories or a piece of glass furniture could help give you the high-end home décor style you crave.

No. 6: Create the Look of Built-ins

Built-in floor-to-ceiling bookcases add an elegant ambiance to any space. Get this high-end look yourself by anchoring and caulking tall bookcases to a wall and painting them to match the wall color. You can place one on either side of a fireplace, for example or, to create a focal point, install a bank bookcases to cover an entire wall.

If you need more decorating inspiration, the expert staff at Guild Hall Home Furnishings can offer even more designer tips to help you create a sophisticated, high-end look for your home.

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