Shopping for Decorative Accessories? Go for Throw Pillows

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The right decorative accessories can transform your living spaces, taking them from drab to fab within minutes. And, whether you prefer modern, traditional or eclectic interior design, throw pillows can pack a big style punch.

throw pillows

If you’re planning to shop for some new decorative accessories, you may have considered purchasing artwork, knick-knacks, mirrors or other accent pieces. But don’t ignore the power of pillows.

Add a Touch of Color 

Is your sofa a neutral shade? Most people choose a classic, livable color over a trendy shade or wild pattern so that they don’t get tired of the look too soon – which is a wise and timeless approach. However, neutral can easily turn into boring without the right decorative accessories. A few pillows can add a much-needed pop of color, breaking up the large expanse of a drab sofa. 

Play with Pattern

Do you like the idea of using pattern in your home décor, but you’re afraid to make a commitment? Throw pillows are the cheapest and easiest answer to this common decorating dilemma. With pillows, you can add just a bit of pattern as an accent – so, you won’t have to worry about patterns overpowering your interior design

Bring in the Texture

Details like braid, fringe, buttons and ties can be found on many pillows, or they can be easily added later on. These little touches of texture can add to the interest of your living spaces, giving your home décor a tailored, well-designed feel. 

Boost Comfort

Not every sofa is comfortable for everyone. Couches are often designed to seat taller people – which means children and shorter guests are left sitting with their feet dangling. Throw pillows offer handy comfort and back support, allowing anyone to have a cozy seat. And who doesn’t like having a comfy pillow for curling up or taking a nap on the sofa?

Make a Change

One of the best things about decorative accessories like pillows is that they’re easy (and cost-effective) to swap out. Anytime you feel like making an interior design change, you can do so without digging too deeply into your bank account or hiring a team of movers. When the mood strikes, you can simply head to your local home furnishings store and start shopping!

Have we convinced you yet to go for the throw pillows? When you’re ready to begin shopping for decorative accessories, head to Guild Hall Home Furnishings to browse our vast range of affordable, stylish options.

And, if you need help finding the perfect throw pillows to enhance your home décor, our professional interior design staff can offer expert advice. We love to share our tips and secrets for choosing the right fine furnishings for your home or office. Visit our showroom in Salt Lake City today to peruse our vast array of decorative accessories.

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