Home Furnishings Dilemmas: Sofa or Sectional?

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When shopping for home furnishings, you will occasionally run into a fundamental dilemma. However, few of these decisions are as perplexing as the “sofa or sectional” debate.

Both options have their merits, and neither is right for everyone. To make the correct choice for your space, professional interior designers recommend that you consider these important factors. 

Consider Your Floor Space 

If you have a space-challenged living room, you might want to opt for a sectional. Sectionals pack a big punch in terms of seating and, to get the same number of seats with a sofa, you’ll likely have to add a pair of side chairs or a loveseat. 

Keep in mind, however, that some sectional designs feature captive corners, which don’t provide leg room. This limits the number of usable seats, which might be a deciding factor.  

Consider the Room Arrangement

The configuration of your living room may dictate the type of home furnishings you should buy. If the space has any odd corners, built-in features or limited wall space, you may have to purchase a sofa – a sectional may not fit. 

A sofa might also be preferable if you like to rearrange your furniture periodically, or if you have plans to move anytime soon. With a sectional, you don’t have much flexibility for different room arrangements.

Consider Comfort

Do you and your family like to lounge around in front of the TV? Nothing beats a sectional when it comes to laying down and relaxing, and most designs have enough space to allow at least two or three people to stretch out.

If you want the comfort of a sectional, but need more flexibility, consider a reclining sofa. A reclining sofa might take up a bit more living room floor space than a traditional design, but it can provide you with a more comfortable spot to lounge.

Consider Your Home Furnishings Style

When shopping for living room seating, you need to choose pieces that mesh with your personal style. If you’re trying to achieve a particular home décor look, browsing a local home furnishings showroom will allow you to peruse different sofa and sectional style options, to help you with your decision.

Consider, too, the potential style impact of sectionals versus sofas. A sectional is a large piece of furniture covered in one single fabric – and too much of the same fabric could be overwhelming for some living spaces. A sofa, on the other hand, can be accented with side chairs with different upholstery.

If you’re in the market for new furniture, drop by Guild Hall Home Furnishings. Our Northern Utah showroom features a wide range of comfortable, stylish sofas and sectionals. 

And, if you’re still having trouble choosing between a sofa and a sectional, our professional interior designers can provide expert advice to help you find the perfect seating. Visit our Salt Lake City home furnishings showroom today to learn more.

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