5 Interior Designer Tips for Arranging Living Room Furniture

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An interior designer arranges home furnishings for a living. But, for the rest of us, the project can be daunting. Figuring out the best way to fill the space can seem like a Herculean task, especially in a large open space like the living or family room.

Fortunately, with a few tricks up your sleeve, the job is much easier. Here are five of our top interior designer tips for arranging living room furniture.

Interior Designer Tips for Arranging Living Room Furniture

No. 1: Leave Space Behind the Furniture

Most homeowners automatically place their couches and chairs right up against the living room walls. Resist this temptation, as even small spaces can benefit from a few inches of breathing room between the furniture pieces and the walls. Contrary to popular belief, leaving a gap actually makes a room feel larger.

No. 2: Consider the Traffic Flow

When arranging living room furniture, focus on creating clear walkways through the space. No one should have to squeeze between the couches, chairs and tables – or squeeze past other people — to move into or around the room. Professional interior designers recommend leaving at least a couple of feet between the coffee table and sofa, and make sure to have enough space between the other furniture pieces. Without an easy and comfortable traffic flow, the room will feel crowded.

No. 3: Create Conversation Areas

When family members and friends gather in your living room, they should be able to have a chat without shouting or having to twist around in their seats. An interior designer typically arranges furniture to create natural conversation areas. Place the sofas and chairs across from each other, near enough that people can talk without raising their voices. The seats don’t need to be positioned exactly opposite, but they should be close, so no one has to turn their head to have a conversation.

No. 4: Choose Furniture in Varying Sizes

An oversized sofa paired with big plush recliners and a massive coffee table is just too much, even in a large space. When every piece of your living room furnishings is large in scale, the space can feel one-dimensional. Filling the entire space with small-scale pieces is no better solution, as the room may end up feeling cluttered. One easy interior designer trick to remember is to decorate with a variety of differently-sized furniture pieces.

No. 5: Make Sure the Space is Balanced

As you work on arranging the furniture, you’ll need to consider both the size of the pieces and their placement, in order to make the room feel balanced. Don’t position all of the small or large pieces together in one area of the room, of the space will feel uneven. Mix them up instead to create a more proportional and interesting look.

Do you need some design inspiration for your home? Or would you like personal interior designer assistance with your furniture arrangement? The professional team at Guild Hall Home Furnishings can help make the most your indoor spaces. To speak with an expert interior designer about arranging living room furniture, visit our Salt Lake City, Utah, showroom today.

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