4 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Decorative Accessories

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Decorative accessories can make or break a room’s décor. Area rugs, throw pillows, lighting, artwork and collectibles can boost the appeal of your home décor.

But, if you’re not careful, they can also overwhelm your living spaces.

Would you like to pull your rooms together like a professional interior designer? Our pro tips will help you choose the perfect decorative accessories for any room in your home.

No. 1: Choose Quality Over Quantity

You can find many inexpensive room accessories online and at your local big box stores. The problem is, these pieces are mass produced – so, they tend to look cheap.

Rather than fill your rooms with a myriad of cheap (and cheap-looking) mass produced pieces, consider investing in just a few high-quality decorative accessories from your local fine furnishings store. When it comes to accessorizing, less is usually more. You may pay more for unique, well-made pieces, but they’ll have a much more impressive impact on your home décor.

No. 2: Think About Proportion

A large piece of artwork looks awkward when crammed on a small wall, doesn’t it? The same goes for a postage-stamp rug placed in a colossal-sized living room – the scale just doesn’t seem right.

Proportion is crucial to successful home accessorizing. When choosing room accessories, you need to consider the size of your living spaces. Find pieces that match in scale, and your home décor will feel balanced and comfortable.

No. 3: Consider Color and Texture

Before you head out to shop, take a look around the rooms you plan to accessorize. When you decorate with accessories, the colors and textures of your major home furnishings matter.

Decorative accessories can be used to add contrast in rooms filled with neutrals, for instance – pops of color throughout the spaces offer visual interest.

You should also consider textured room accessories. Adding a shag carpet, fluffy throw pillows or flowy window treatments might be the perfect way to bring a room together.

No. 4: Choose Decorative Accessories You Love

Above all else, don’t base your decorative accessory choices just on how they will look in your living spaces – you should only accessorize with pieces you love.

After all, you’ll be looking at these pieces every single day. So, it makes sense to choose items that fit your taste, personality and style. Go with your favorites, and the home décor will be a true reflection of you.

When you love your home furnishings, you’ll get more enjoyment out of your living spaces. For help with accessorizing, visit Guild Hall Furniture Store in Millcreek, Northern Utah’s premier interior design store. Our professional interior designers can bring your home décor together with the perfect decorative accessories. To get started, visit our expansive Salt Lake City showroom today.

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