Bedroom Furnishings for Small Spaces: Bunk Beds

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bunk beds for kidsFinding bedroom furnishings designed to maximize a small space can be challenging for anyone. Take a cue from professional interior designers and consider bunk beds, which can be the perfect space-saving design solution for a small bedroom.

In many families, kids share bedrooms or, even if they have their own sleeping spaces, the rooms may be tiny. A bunk bed is a practical choice in either case, maximizing the available floor space.

A range of styles and design configurations are available, including these designs that are well-suited for kids with small bedrooms.

Standard Bunk Beds

The standard bunk bed configuration has two beds, one directly over the other.

Most standard models have two twin beds, which can usually be taken apart to use separately if desired. However, some styles feature a twin bed over a full bed or even two full beds. Any of these setups can work well in a small bedroom shared by multiple kids.

Trundle Bunk Beds

For more than two kids sharing a space-challenged bedroom – or for kids who have friends over for sleepovers — a trundle design may be the best choice of bedroom furnishings.

A trundle bed is similar to the standard configuration, but this design also has a third bed that fits under the bottom bunk. The trundle can be easily pulled out for sleeping, but doesn’t take up any valuable floor space during the day.

Convertible Bunk Beds

A convertible bunk bed is a versatile option for a single child with a small bedroom.

With this design configuration, the top bunk is a standard twin or full bed. The bottom is a convertible configuration of cushions or a futon mattress that functions either as a casual sofa or, when needed, can be opened up for additional sleeping space.

Loft Bunk Beds

For a small bedroom that doesn’t need multiple beds, a loft style design is an excellent small space option.

A loft bed has either a twin or full bed perched over a desk or storage drawers. Or, the bed may be suspended over an open space, which can be outfitted as a play or study area or used for other bedroom furnishings. Loft beds are often taller than other bunk bed configurations, giving them sufficient height clearance for the underneath space to be comfortably usable.

At Guild Hall Interior Design in Millcreek, we understand the challenges of decorating small bedroom spaces and living areas. Many of the bedroom furniture collections in our northern Utah showroom contain multi-purpose pieces that are ideal for small spaces.

Our experienced interior design professionals can help you choose the ideal bunk bed style to meet your needs. Visit our Salt Lake City showroom for more bedroom furnishings inspiration.

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