Home Furnishings Tips: How to Choose Sofa Side Tables

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When you think home furnishings, sofa side tables probably aren’t the star of the show. But what would your living room, family room or den be without them?

Sofa side tables – also known as end tables – bring both function and character to the living space.


Sofa tables come in a wide range of styles, sizes and shapes. If you’re having a hard time finding the perfect side tables to complement your home décor, our interior designers’ pro tips may help.

Sizing Your Sofa Side Tables

How tall should your end tables be? That’s one of the most common questions we hear from customers shopping for living room furniture.

Generally, you should look for tables that are equal to (or just under – never over) the height of your sofa’s arms. Standard sofa arms are usually about 25 inches high, but measure yours to be sure.

Fine furnishings stores (like Guild Hall Home Furnishings) should have plenty of options within your target height range. But, if you can’t find a style you like in the right height, opt for pieces that are on the shorter side. Side tables that are taller than a sofa look awkward and are inconvenient to use.

If you choose nesting tables, just make sure that the shortest one falls below the sofa arm height. And, if your sofa has no arms, choose tables that align with the seat or extend no more than about three to four inches above it.

When determining overall size, consider the scale and dimensions of your tabletop accessories and lighting. Make sure the style you select has enough space for the table lamps and any decorative accessories you want to display.

Consider Form and Function

Size definitely matters for sofa side tables, but choosing the right home furnishings also requires consideration of form and function.

As for form, round or cylinder tables offer visual appeal, but the curves mean they need more clearance from the sofa. If you do opt for a round style, avoid pieces larger than 24 inches in diameter, as they can overpower a standard-sized sofa.

Rectangular or square sofa end tables are a more practical choice for most living spaces. For added functionality, look for styles with drawers or shelves for storage.

Think Outside the Box with Your Home Furnishings

Who says you need to have two matching sofa end tables?

If you like the eclectic look – and interior designers really like the eclectic look right now – you could choose mismatched pieces that are similar enough in size, scale and style. Or, use nontraditional furniture pieces or decorative objects as tables – storage chests, stools, and funky plant stands be fun and functional.

If you like modern furniture, consider a sofa that has integral side tables built in.

Now that you know what to look for, it’s time to head to Guild Hall Home Furnishings to make your selections. Serving Salt Lake City and the surrounding communities of northern Utah, Guild Hall is the premier provider of fine furniture and decorative accessories for every room of the home. Visit our friendly and inviting home furnishings showroom today to browse our vast array of sofa side tables.

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