Home Decor Tips for Creating a Tranquil Bedroom

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Your home decor choices set the stage for how a space ultimately feels.

If you want a tranquil, welcoming space that reflects your unique style, start with bedroom furniture that has the right scale and proportion, and add accents and accessories with a light touch.

tranquil bedroom

Turning your bedroom into a relaxing, restful retreat is easy with our interior designer-approved home décor tips. In no time, you’ll be enjoying sweet dreams in your own soothing sanctuary.

Embrace Minimalism

Too many furnishings and decorative accessories will make a space feel hectic and cluttered – the opposite of what you want in a tranquil bedroom.

To create a sense of calm through your décor, embrace minimalism. Include only the furnishings you need, and no more. Choose two or three decorative accessories that you love, then add one or two pieces of artwork for a dose of personality. Then keep the rest of the space free of adornments.

Plush Up the Bed

What could be cozier than a soft, plush bed?

Start with a great mattress or a mattress topper made of feathers or memory foam to make the bed feel extra dreamy. Add soft sheets and a down duvet or comforter made of natural materials. Keeping synthetic fabrics off the bed ensures the best possible sleep.

And, if you can help it, avoid the fussy pile of throw pillows that extends halfway down the bed. Stick to simple and luxe for maximum tranquility.

Adjust the Lighting

The right lighting can make a big difference in how your home décor looks and feels. For a peaceful bedroom, soft lighting is just the thing.

A pair of table lamps or wall sconces on either side of the bed should offer enough illumination for the space. If you have to have overhead lighting, choose a low-profile fixture and install it on a dimmer switch.

Add Textured Area Rugs

Whether your bedroom has hardwood or carpet flooring, adding a few textured area rugs is a great way to make the space feel cozier and more intimate.

Choose area rugs in colors and patterns that complement the colors in your furnishings and décor. For extra comfort underfoot, try the on-trend trick of layering rugs of different sizes and textures.

Update the Window Coverings

Natural sunlight filtering through the windows makes for a tranquil bedroom feel during the late afternoon and evening, but you’ll also want window coverings for light blocking and privacy.

Instead of choosing rigid blinds or shades, look for soft, flowy window treatments in one of your home décor accent colors or a neutral shade. For ultimate luxury and warmth in the bedroom, consider floor-to-ceiling draperies – but only if your space is large and open enough to handle it.

Would you like more interior designer ideas on transforming your bedroom into a relaxing refuge? The professional design team at Guild Hall Home Furniture can help you create the soft, tranquil bedroom of your dreams. Visit our Salt Lake City showroom today for even more home décor tips and designer inspiration.

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