Double-Duty Home Furnishings for Small Spaces

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When you live in tight quarters, choosing home furnishings can be a challenge. Too much furniture can make your rooms feel chaotic and claustrophobic but you still need functional pieces and plenty of storage.

Double-Duty Home Furnishings

The solution to this dilemma is double-duty home furnishings.

Multi-purpose furniture is ideally suited to space-starved homes and, today, you can select from a wide range of stylish, innovative pieces. Here are some of our favorite options for furnishing small spaces.

Multi-Purpose Sleep Solutions

Everyone needs a comfortable place to sleep, right?

For the master bedroom, a full-size bed or larger is a must, but that can leave you with little space left for other furniture. Invest in a bed with built-in drawers, and you won’t need a floor-hogging dresser. And, if you choose a headboard with shelves or storage compartments, you may be able to forgo the side tables.

Daybeds double as couches, and they work well in guest rooms, kids’ bedrooms and casual living spaces. Choose a trundle model for extra sleeping space, or select a daybed with built-in storage drawers.

Double-Duty Storage Options

Investing in multi-purpose beds is a great start, but you’ll probably still need more storage space. After all, small living quarters aren’t known for an abundance of closets and cabinets.

For extra seating in any small room, consider benches and ottomans with built-in storage. You can also look for a double-duty couch. Some models have drawers or slide-out seats with space below, to tuck away your belongings.

In the kitchen, a rolling island is a great option. You’ll have an additional surface for food prep, and you can use the cabinet space and drawers for linens, utensils or pots and pans. When not in use, you can easily move the island to an out-of-the-way spot.

Do you need a room divider for an open-concept space? Instead of a freestanding accordion-fold divider, consider a bookcase. A bookcase can divide your living spaces, while also providing flexible storage for books, games or anything else you like.

Convertible Double-Duty Home Furnishings

Furniture designers have created a host of stylish, convertible home furnishings. These double-duty pieces are practical and convenient, and they make a strong style statement in a small space.

Convertible coffee tables offer both fashion and function. Some models slide apart to reveal seats, while others have hidden storage compartments. You can also find multi-purpose coffee tables with adjustable heights, allowing them to double as a work surface or a dining table.

Another innovative option is the convertible chair. This double-duty piece is a fine dining chair by day, but easily folds for convenient storage.

Of course, the most classic convertible home furnishings are sleeper sofas. Seating by day, and a sleeping space for guests (or yourself) by night – what could be better for a small living space?

If you need more practical ideas for furnishing small spaces, contact the professional interior design staff at Guild Hall Home Furniture Store in Salt Lake City. Our experiences designers can help you choose the right furniture and decorative accessories to make the most of your available square footage, large or small. Visit us in Salt Lake City, Utah, today to explore today’s options for double-duty home furnishings.

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