3 Practical Nursery Design Ideas for Your First Baby

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With your first baby on the way, nursery design ideas may be a little scarce for you right now.

You’ve never had to design a nursery before and you have nowhere to start. Take your word for it, the second (and third, and fourth..) time will be much easier, but that’s not helpful today.

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What you need is some practical advice to get you started.

No. 1: Start with the Nursery Design Basics, One by One

Ask most parents and they will tell you to start your nursery design around the changing table and work outward. Be sure to locate the changing table so that you can reach all the important supplies you’ll need.

Like adult beds, cribs have grown progressively larger over the years. So, just as you may want a California king bed for the master, you may want a similarly scaled crib for your new baby. If your nursery isn’t adequately sized for a large crib, however, you’ll be seriously cramped.

In that case, consider using a mini crib instead. Your baby won’t need all that extra space and, once he or she is ready for that first bed, you can fold away and store the mini crib until it’s time to bring it out again.

Unless you find the perfect ensemble baby furniture set for your nursery design, choose each piece individually, based on your needs and available space.

No. 2: Don’t Forget Practical Nursery Storage Solutions

No matter how much storage you include in your nursery design, it will never be enough.

Staying organized with a new baby is difficult enough but, without adequate storage, you will quickly be overwhelmed with clutter. Choose nursery storage solutions that are flexible, so you can rearrange easily if something isn’t working for you.

If your nursery space is limited, opt for vertical storage solutions rather than horizontal. Under-bed storage is ideal and, as long as you secure each piece to the wall, wall units and bookshelves make ideal nursery storage solutions.

No. 3: Choose Neutral Nursery Furniture & Add Accents

If you base your nursery design on a neutral color palette, you’ll thank yourself later.

Yes, you will see dozens of delightfully colored nursery furniture sets. Not only will these novelty sets cost you more (sometimes a lot more), but you will be sick of them before your first baby is done using them.

Choose white, gray or classic natural wood nursery furniture. That way, you can use it for your future children without worrying about gender-specific color schemes. Indulge your color sense with decorative accessories, light fixtures, rugs and window coverings for your nursery.

That way, when it’s time for baby number two, you can quickly (and affordably) update the nursery design with new accessories – or not!

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