Business Office Furniture: Versatile File Cabinet Options

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With the right business office furniture, your work life is easier and more productive. Keeping your workspace organized is crucial, and file cabinets provide much-need storage space for accomplishing that.

Function is key when choosing business office furniture but you don’t have to sacrifice style to have the storage you need. Today’s office furnishings lines provide a wealth of practical storage options that add to the interior design style of your office space.

Stationary File Cabinets Enhance Office Furnishings

Standard stationary metal vertical and lateral cabinets are solid and dependable, but they aren’t exactly prized for their looks – especially when the standard color since the 1950s has been “putty.”

Today’s wood, laminate and veneer options offer the same efficient storage space. Now, however, you can select from variety of rich, elegant finishes. Stationary cabinets are also made today in different furniture design styles that range from traditional to contemporary.

Selecting a finish and style that coordinates with your existing office furnishings allows the cabinets to blend seamlessly with your interior décor. Whatever your business office design, you can find file storage to match.

Mobile File Cabinets Provide Flexible Office Furniture Options

Portable storage space provides a level of flexibility that you won’t find with large, stationary cabinets. Mobile file cabinets feature durable and convenient casters, allowing you to easily transport your documents where you need them.

And, just like today’s stationary models, mobile cabinets are available in a wide range of materials, finishes and design styles. Rolling cabinets don’t take up much floor space, either, making them a perfect office furniture choice for smaller spaces.

Some mobile models have open tops and roll easily under a desk, providing easy access to important files. Others double as portable tabletops, offering an extra flat surface wherever and whenever one is needed. And, if security is a concern, many locking models are available.

Choosing the Right Business Office Furniture

Choose your file cabinets based on your document storage and organizational needs, but also on the space you have available for additional office furnishings. Two-, three- and four-drawer options are available. If space is limited in your office, taller file cabinets provide more storage capacity without monopolizing more floor area.

For smaller offices, vertical or mobile cabinets provide more versatility. Larger offices may be able to accommodate roomier horizontal (lateral) models.

Finally, consider your need for additional features, such as locking drawers or fireproofing.

In Salt Lake City, Guild Hall Home Furnishings offers many high-quality storage options from the finest commercial furniture manufacturers. Visit our showroom today and let our professional interior design staff help you select the right business office furniture to meet your needs.

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