4 Custom Window Covering Trends to Update Your Interior Design

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Custom window coverings bring style, comfort and value to your home or office.

custom window coverings

Whether you prefer blinds, shades, draperies or shutters (or a few of each), window treatments can be created just for you, in the colors and sizes that you need. To help get your creativity going, our professional interior design staff has assembled a few of the most popular window covering trends.

No 1: Use Custom Window Coverings to Match Your Space

For many years, interior designers recommended using window coverings to create a neutral, understated backdrop. The point was to not notice your shades or drapes, so that they didn’t compete with your furnishings, accessories or beautiful view.

Today, custom window coverings have taken their place alongside fine furnishings, statement lighting fixtures and the breathtaking Northern Utah landscape.

Throw those neutral tones to the wind. Instead, choose fabrics and colors that match, coordinate with or enhance the colors of the room. Don’t be shy with your choices. Instead, have as much fun with your windows as you do with decorative accessories, rugs and toss pillows.

No. 2: Layer Your Custom Window Coverings

If you’ve ever had trouble choosing which window covering style you prefer, you’re in luck. Layering your window treatments allow you to chose two (or more) styles for layering.

This approach creates depth and dimension in the space, and allows you to better control the ambient lighting. For example, you could use a casual fabric blind or shade as the basis for your layers, and then top it with a set of formal or elaborate drapes. To add a third layer, use sheers in between.

Or, if you choose custom wood shutters for your windows, use honeycomb or light-filtering shades underneath, for those times you want a light level other than all-or-nothing.

No. 3: “Change” Your Window Size or Shape with Custom Window Coverings

If you don’t like your windows – maybe they’re too short or too narrow – you can mask their shortcomings with creative window coverings.

Simply extend your blinds or shades to the size and scale you prefer. Then open them just enough to mask the true window edge. For example, if your windows aren’t wide enough, use vertical shades or draperies that you can open just wide enough to mask the window’s inner edges. This creates the illusion that the window extends the width of the draperies.

If your windows aren’t tall enough, choose a horizontal shade and open it just enough to cover the top edge of the window. You could also add a valance or other custom treatment to add weight and draw the eye upward.

No. 4: Use Custom Window Coverings to Increase Home Comfort

Many of today’s most stylish blinds, shades and draperies are available with upgraded, insulated lining. Highly effective for controlling light, insulated window treatments also help you control temperature.

So, during the heat of the day in the summer, you can reduce heat gain indoors. This increases your comfort and reduces the need for air conditioning. During the winter, you can let the sun shine in, brightening your home and warming it at the same time.

In Salt Lake City, visit the Guild Hall Home Furnishings showroom to shop the finest in home furnishings, decorative accessories and lighting fixtures. Our professional interior design staff can also assist you in placing your order for custom furniture as well as custom window coverings.